Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Skill Mutations already exist in game, as a few of you are aware: they're relatively rudimentary right now, but the next update will expand on them considerably. No longer will skill mutations be bound to power bonuses or increased reiryoku cost, as there are a variety of new effects that your skills may inflict.

In game right now, it's possible to have the following skill modifiers:

Unstable: stronger, increased cost
Exhausting: increased cost
Rapid: faster, weaker
Recharging: decreased cost, slower
Charging: cero rules apply

As of next update, however, the list grows bigger. The following skill mutations will be added to the game:

Freezing: chance to freeze enemies
Repulsing: applies a knockback upon hit
Infused: you gain the skill modifier as a bonus for a physical attack
Harming: inflicts minor bleeding
Bloodletting: inflicts major bleeding
Lifestealing: steals life from its target
Draining: steals reiryoku from its target
Mild: applies minor burn
Hot: applies normal burn
Searing: applies severe burn

New to the game is also the concept of Damage Reflection. Initially, the only form of Damage Reflection will be found on the Fullbring tree, with Knockback removed. Damage Reflect is a more appropriate skill and hopefully Shell players will enjoy the new offensive ability.