I have multiple accounts and one of which receives an inactivity message on the online site, but receives a outdated-old format password message. I re-downloaded byond (normal procedure) and continued to receive this message. Granted I was recently on this account without a problem. (Account in question /Pyrusdiaxes2/)
If an administrator could get back to me, formally on my email: /[email protected]/
It seems as if when I updated the issue occurred.
Adequate evidence this is in fact my account.
 photo issue_zpszyiqissw.png
Unrelated to new versions of BYOND, but moreso the choice to deactivate unused accounts.

The message you receive says that you can reactivate your account. Have you tried that?
I have, In fact I was checking all of my accounts....all 8 of them, it seems 3/8 have this issue, I would be able to fix this if not for the fact their linked emails were not also disabled. RIP. I could provide an amount of information to prove said accounts are mine if needed. I would Like to do so because of lost 'donor items' I would like to recover from them, from games. The only issue here lies my inability to access said emails. If I could switch each to a new email and proceed from there I would most definetly do so.
Shoot me a customer support request ticket, and I'll take a look.
Gimme a quick how to shoot you a request ticket, I've never had problems with Byond, so I've never actually done that

It's in the "Contact Us" link below. There's a form you can fill out with info.