Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Version 7.1

-Fixed Hanataro Bankai
-Heal Attack now works properly
-Spectate no longer requires a separate popup confirmation (can type name into input bar)
-Removed Passive Knockback from Fullbring tree
-Added Damage Reflect to the Fullbring tree
-Multi-projectile attacks(Haien, etc) now do damage properly
-Inoue Shield exposes its roll
-New Skill Mutations that probably work
-Cero no longer fires twice
-Added a variety of new spawn locations.
-Buffed Weak-Medium-Strong Arrancar forms.
-Quincy skilltree is more responsive
-Quincies can now colour their Reiryoku; the base colour is aqua.
-Increased likelihood of Berserk Vaizard potential
-Dropping an item now returns the cursor to system cusror.
-Healing mechanisms have been changed:
-Healing skills automatically heal when you face a target and use a technique.
-Healing skills expose their rolls if rolls are enabled.
-Weak-Medium-Strong Arrancar forms can now unlock Ress.
-Kidou Mastery no longer influences reiryoku cost.
-Can now invest skill points in techniques and not just stats:
-Techniques can be mastered at a ratio of 1sp : 1%
-After being mastered, points can be invested in techniques for a higher damager modifier.
-It will alaways cost between 50sp and 400sp for +1 damage modifier, even at the later levels.
-Increasing power will also increase Reiryoku cost.
-Not every skill may be levelable this way.
-Due to visual terribleness (a result of magnification), the Mantis Hollow is no longer available as a Medium Hollow form.
-Added Crocea Mors Shinigami release
-Humans can now be put through the Vaizard test
-Removed Human Leader verbs as they were outdated
-Fixed Last Resort and Segunda not providing rolls
-Last Resort and Segunda now buffed to provide Shikai-level boost to all stats
-You now get the right passives if you have Koten Zanshun and Santen Kesshun
-No longer see the Fullbring skill tree if you are a Shinigami Rep
-Can raise health in Health Manipulation by inputting a negative number.
-Added Reiryoku Manipulation: it is Health Manipulation but for Reiryoku. Allows additive and negative numbers.
-Hide ICP now has an icon
-New Effects system
-Effects are now more in line with the Status Effects page:
-Burn prevents healing
-Being burned 3 times within 3 turns triggers Immolation status effect
-Healing removes one instance of Burn
-Healing sets Immolation to two burn instances
-Poison is additive and any additional poison instances added within 3 turns increase the damage and reset the timer
-Bleed now drains health according to the power of the skill used
-Players only take damage from status effects if they pass their turn; this is different in PVP mode.
-Shikai/Bankai/Ress now restore health if you are damaged. They restore you to 50%/75%/80% of your health respectively.
-Fixed dialogue markers(both quotations and apostrophes) preventing a proper read of your figure application. This means that you can now edit your application properly.

This list may be updated in the coming days, though as is it seems unlikely that next wipe will have any features that are not already on the list.

Remember to check out the BRT Release Competition and to submit any ideas you might have: whichever release wins will be added to the game, complete with icons!
Version 7.2

-Can now read profiles by inputting ~profile name (e.g ~profile InsidPro) to ooc
-Can now read the story by inputting ~story to OOC
-Can now read the login message by inputting ~login to OOC
-Can now post a link to the combat rules by inputting ~crules to OOC
-Can now post a link to the effects page by inputting ~effects to OOC
-Can now post a link to the changelog by inputting ~changelog to OOC
-You now will always receive stat comparisons upon double clicking somebody; this applies primarily to the Double Click setting under roleplay-options.
-Enforcers now have access to the Read Logs command
-Unpurified now changes when Fullbring kill NPC Hollow
-Admins can now refresh available spawn points in code (Creating a spawn point only works when you select to create a spawn where you are, not where you click/move).
-Only True Coded Admins (that can not be removed from the game) can view mutations
-Admins can now modify the mutations on a skill(to those that inflict Status Effects, not modify the skill power or cost)
-Passive Tree no longer requires players have High Stamina.
-Unarmed now caps at 5
-New Unarmed passives for Shinigami and Airide
-Added Freeze effect: lasts for five turns, each instance will decrease your evasion/initiative rolls by 1. It can not be healed and must naturally tick off by passing turns.
-Skill Power now prioritises mastery of skills before roll power
-Health and Reiryoku manipulation now work as intended
-Vai Ress now increases EVA/INIT by +3
-Vaizards no longer get +3 passives from the start: they must now berserk for those extra passive points
-Can now view the Login Message via the General Options menu
-Can upgrade your Hand to Hand/Sword Skill passive skills to increase the amount of damage you do.
-Last Resort now increases EVA/INIT by +6
-New Passive to increase likelihood of applying a Status Effect(33% to 50%). This only applies to status effects applied by using a technique on a player. Requirement: BL2
-T2 Mutations that increase/decrease damage done with/without a weapon
-T3 Mutation to increase EVA/INIT by +2
-T3 Mutation that increased EVA/INIT by +3 now gives +4 EVA/INIT
-T4 Mutation to increase EVA/INIT by +5-6
-T4 Mutation to increase offence rolls by +6
-T4 Mutation to increase defence rolls by +6
-Skills can now be levelled up a maximum of 30 times. When a skill has reached max level, it will no longer appear in the list.
-Increasing the Skill Power of Draw now increases the power of the skills drawn.
-Dodge on the Fullbring Skill tree now provides +5 EVA and INIT
-Fullbringer T4 requirement is now a static level 6
-New creation option for admins: flowers
-Missions have been buffed, now giving between 35SP and 205SP
-Hollow poison now properly inflicts the status effect.
-Substantially changed the way that passives are handled internally; this revision includes updated descriptions and limits for all passives. Non-functional passives now also have use.
-New RP Box
-This RP Box will save your roleplays in the event that you are disconnected.
-It will automatically save your roleplays every fifteen seconds you have the box open.
-You have the ability to toggle between the default input and the new custom RP Box.
-There is no functional difference aside from the ability to preserve roleplays in the case of abrupt disconnection.

-Shell has been rescaled:
-6/8/10/14/16 defence bonus to 5/8/10/12/15 defence bonus
-0/0/4/6/8 strength bonus to 0/0/2/5/8 strength bonus
-Shell no longer boosts Reiryoku Strength
-Luck Draw reiryoku requirement from 7 to 4
-Airide Shatter Fist now inflicts poison for two turns.
All 7.2 sub-versions are in this post.

V 7.21
-The Roleplay Box input now automatically focuses (you no longer have to click in the box manually)
-Airide Limit Break has been buffed; now lasts up to 5 turns
-Limit Break is now a status effect (applies to Segunda, Last Resort, and Limit Break)
-Shell Guard has been changed: it now increases all Defence rolls by 20% for up to two turns (scales to mastery)

V 7.22
-No longer need to refresh interface to see the effects of High Speed Regeneration and Reiryoku Absorption after using the Turn function
-Sword Skill and Hand to Hand no longer level up when you attack NPCs
-Sword Skill and Hand to Hand now cap at 10 as they were supposed to.
-New logging for Skill Power
-All skill power investments now return statpoints to you if skills hit their cap in the process of leveling up.
-Save proc no longer crashes (this should fix the rollback issue players are reporting)

V 7.23
-Giving a skill mutation now gives the proper name
-Mutations now save properly and load
-Changed the way ICP calls are handled internally
-Level requirement for Full Shinigami changed from 4 to 3
-Manipulate Health, Manipulate Reiryoku, and Progress Turn are now on 5 second cooldowns
-High Speed Movement abilities(Shunpo, Sonido) no longer have a level requirement on them
-Arrancar no longer receive Sonido for free; they must now have Sonido Mastery 1
-Shinigami and Humans now need Flash Step Expert 1 to unlock Shunpo (was previously Runner 3)
-Aizen Portals now lead to all realms
-Portable Senkaimon now only leads to Earth and Soul Society.
-Can no longer take T2 passives without having the required T1
-High level admin command to see spawn points
V 7.3
-Can no longer double click on the RP button
-Quincy Glove is automatically equipped when you become a Quincy
-View size is, by default, 9. This can be adjusted in the Options menu; this option resets on login.
-Can no longer level up Quincy Shoot Arrow
-Can now post the balance in OOC by outputting ~balance to OOC
-Turn progression now outputs the correct amount of healing done.
-High Speed Regeneration no longer heals you if you suffer from the Burn status
-Bleed status no longer inflicts the total damage value of the initial attack (now only the modifier, as initially intended)
-Wind Blast now exposes its roll
-Darkness tiles added to Admin creation (under /testobj/)
-Quincy Silver Tube Skills now roll
-Quincy Skill Tree more responsive
-Changing SUBRANK variable to a number provides a boost to all stats of that number.
-Players in states longer restore to percentage of HP when Stat Comparison takes place
-Hollow players can no longer take both Hierro and High Speed Regeneration
-Admins can now mute by outputting ~mute [name] [time] to OOC
-Fixed runtime errors relating to projectiles
-Added gold, hot pink, and steel colours to colour selection for roleplays.
-Profile lookups in OOC can be truncated(~profile Insid returns the profile for InsidPro)
-Changes to Balance mechanic:
-Player Hollow scale in power as the balance becomes more corrupt or pure(at a ratio of 1% per 10 kills)
-Missions can only be done on Earth
-Hollow Kills only count towards the balance on Earth

-Shinigami and Hollow now need to invest a passive point into the Second Wind passive to receive health on State activation
-This is at a rate of 15:1 in Shikai, 20:1 in Ress and Bankai
-Second Wind is only available for Shinigami at level 4, and for Hollow at Arrancar
-Bala now rolls twice
-Bala roll reduction from -8 to -10
-Bala reiryoku cost from 3 to 8 (as it rolls twice)
-Bala is no longer levelable
-Shoot Arrow Reiryoku cost from 0 to 2
-Arrow Burst cost from 8 to 12
-Arrow Burst rolls four times
V 7.4

-Increased price of items in the cosmetic shop; you can become a BYOND Member to receive these items for free
-Many new colours added to the colour list
-Balance is adjusted for roleplays rewarded on Earth
-Feedback on Grant Vaizard
-Removed RP Skill Activate
-Base view size increased to 10
-Modular colour system: colours can be added to the game mid-wipe without server restart

-Status Effects
-Skills that apply Limit Break(Limit Break, Segunda Etapa, Last Resort) now have a base duration of 3
-Freeze now lowers Evasion and Initiative by two per instance
-Pressing the Roleplay button will now automatically trigger Progress Turn
-Progress Turn now informs about how long a positive status effect will last
-Blind is now a status effect applied by Tousen Bankai; moving far away from Tousen will start ticking Blind. Being within close proximity stops Blind from ticking.
-Can end most positive Status Effects manually by using the skill again
-Most boosts are now a status effect(applies to the following: Mask, Shikai, Bankai, Resurreccion, Vai Ress)
-Can level up transformations (as above, and Limit Break variants) to give one extra turn per two points(+0.5 turn each level)

-Fusashi is now a permanent administrator
-Core-level Admins(Shade Genkai, InsidPro) have the ability to change the maximum stat level (resets on server restart)
-Admin logs are now sorted
-New position: rewarder. These players are anonymous though will often be figures.

-Byond Members now have increased chance of tier 2(+10%) and tier 3(+5%) mutations
-New Tier 4 mutation that grants a powerful skill

-Unarmed Mastery now costs points
-Second Wind now works properly
-Passive tree now gives feedback if you have successfully invested a point
-Unarmed Mastery now consumes passive points
-Effects Master now consumes passive points

-Skill Power:
-Fixed odd interaction between skill power and certain skills (Sado skills and Yumichika Trap)
-Skills that apply a positive status effect can be made to last longer with skill power: you gain one turn duration per two power invested

-OOC Commands:
-OOC commands no longer output a blank message if they require a target
-~help outputs a list of useable ~ commands with a brief description
-~8ball is a magic 8 ball
-~gate outputs the status of the Shinigami gate

-All Fullbringers now require level 6 to reach tier 4
-Airide now has graphics for tiers 4 and 5
-Agile Strikes and Passive Jab now appear in profile checks

-Shinigami Skill Tree has been revamped
-Shinigami Academy Students no longer receive Shakkahou
-Rolls exposed for Enkosen, Rikujoukouru, and Hyappo Rankan
-Shinigami Commander can now toggle gate properly
-New Vaizard mask: boosts strength and defence, reduces evasion and initiative
-Rukia White Moon now applies Freeze to those that it hits
-Rukia White Moon no longer costs 150 reiryoku to use
-Hantaro Heal has been fixed
-Mitase has been buffed: it gives +1 roll mod per five health healed
-Removed Mask Release RP
-Renji Bankai no longer summons the snake; using Baboon Cannon now fires it directly from the player character
-Tousen Bankai no longer automatically blinds; this is a separate skill instead
-Jiroubou no longer immediately uses blades in Shikai and Bankai. This has been relegated to a small-cost skill instead, with a power of 5 in Shikai and 15 in Bankai
-Shinji no longer immediately confuses movement in Shikai and Bankai. This has been replaced by a toggleable skill.

V 7.41

-Swordbringers now get Swordsmanship ability (lets them increase weapon damage)
-Transformations can now be trained
-Rewarder Rank now works properly

V 7.6

-Weapons now remain equipped through relogging.
-Minimum damage value is now 0
-Projectiles are now destroyed when they hit either dense terrain or a teleporter entrance
-Basic skills no longer appear in technique information (Attack, Battle Mode, Health/Reiryoku adjustments)
-It is now possible to attack players that are not in Battle Mode mode with the Attack button
-Added new tier 1 mutation
-Reiryoku Strength required to see spirits is now higher (level 2 to level 3)

-Humans will only increase the unpurified kills if they are level three or above

-Status Effects:
-Arm and Leg Lacerations are new status effects: each Arm Laceration lowers Strength by 5, and each Leg Laceration lowers Defences by 5.
-Fullbring base duration from 6 turns to 5 turns
-Reiatsu Release now has a status effect, providing 6, 7, or 8 Reiryoku per turn at the cost of an equal amount of fatigue.

-Overhauled the way that passives work under the hood; this means passives will be easier to work with in future

-It is now impossible to unequip the Quincy Glove.

-Raike now has a 25% chance to stun, with an extra 15% in Bankai
-Tengoku now has a 50% chance to freeze, with an extra 25% in Bankai
-Seki now reflects damage based on attacker strength and outputs it to log
-Yumichika now drains 1, 2, or 3 reiryoku on attacking. This number increases by a static +2 in Bankai
-Mayuri now inflicts Poison for two turns rather than one
-Kira now applies Freeze for one turn in Shikai, two turns in Bankai
-Soi Fon now has an innate critical chance of 35% with a critical multiplier of 1.5x; this replaces the low chance of instant kill

-Agile Strikes has been reworked (now an ability that provides -5 to attack rolls)
-Axe Kick now applies Arm Laceration to target
-King Claw from 10 base power to 12 base power
-Shield Explosion now reflects damage based on attacker strength and outputs it to log
-Passive Jab now deals Bleed for two damage with a value of 5
-Fullbring now requires level 3 Reiryoku Strength
Version 7.53 (Official)

V 7.53

-Can view Vaizard Mask in Check Stats

-Hollow roleplays on Earth now influence the balance by 15,20 (from 10,15)
-Quincy roleplays on Earth now influence the balance by 10,15 (from 5,10)
-Shinigami Representatives on Earth now influence the balance by 1,6 (from 10,15)
-Hollow power is scaled at 1% per 20 kills rather than 1% per 10 kills

-All players now regenerate a low amount of health and reiryoku per level each turn

-Changed the water on the crossroads to the road tile

-Added new tier 1 mutation
-Health Regeneration mutations now directly influence amount of Health gained per turn
-Reiryoku Regeneration mutations now directly influence amount of Reiryoku gained per turn

-Hollow King can now grant Adjuuca and Vasterode to players that are not Gillian
-Weak Hollow strength bonus from 1 to 2
-Medium Hollow reiryoku bonus from 1 to 2
-Medium Hollow reiryoku defence bonus from 1 to 2
-Strong Hollow strength bonus from 3 to 4
-Gillian reiryoku strength bonus from 4 to 5

-Airide, Sado, Sword, and Shinigami Representative strength defence bonus from 2 to 3
-Level 3 Reiryoku Strength is now required to see spirits

-Trainee reiryoku bonus from 1 to 2
-Trainee reiryoku defence bonus from 1 to 2

-Vaizard boost is now working properly
-Rampaging Vaizard can now trigger at level 4
-Rampaging Vaizard now has 40% chance to trigger (was 100%)
-Rampaging Vaizard now implemented into status system
-Vaizard level requirement is now 5
-Base mask time is now 3 turns; Increased Mask time base is 6 turns

V 7.7A
-Complaint is now feedback

-All projectile skills now have a chance to blow up, based on mastery. This is at maximum a 75% chance
-Projectile versus Projectile combat has been implemented
-Projectiles now have a movement delay of 1.5 (from 0)
-Skills now save properly on quit
-Certain skills now start at 100% mastery (such as Serene Sword Slash and general utility/defensive skills)

V 7.7B
-Reiatsu Shower no longer fires if the fire chance fails.
-Safe/Unsafe Kidoless selection is now given to the player receiving the test rather than Urahara.
-Poison damage no longer persists.
-Poison damage is now cleared on admin restore.
-Mutations that affect damage while equipped/unequipped are now saved properly.
-Shred now functions properly in battle mode.

V 7.7C
-Status effects from mutated skills no longer have a 100% apply chance in Battle Mode.
-Reiatsu Release should now function properly
-Newly applied status effects toggle between PVP and non-PVP mode depending on Battle Mode status
-Byond Members no longer have a 100% chance to roll T2 and T3 mutations
-Mutations are now exposed to the player when creating a new character; they can be rerolled once per server restart (only on a new character)
-Poison reiryoku cost from 3 to 5
-Poison cooldown from 4 seconds to 10 seconds
-Forced Status Effects (such as the Poison attack) force the victim to make a Fortitude roll (Strength to Defence, if passed there is only a 50% chance of having the status inflicted).

V 7.7D
//effects innate to abilities (such as Burn for Shakkahou) are not applied in battle mode
//please fix this for 7.7D

-Reiatsu Release can now be toggled properly
-Reiatsu Release now applies its icon


V 7.8
-Rewards are now given to players automatically, over time, based on their activity
-Probably fixed an issue with several events (such as transformations) hanging before actually activating.

V 7.8A
-Say is now filtered and blocked from giving activity if you spam the same, or similar, text
-Freeze is now a skill that gives +2 AP in battle mode
-Characters required for extra Activity increased from 35 to 50
-Activity now times out after 15 minutes(from 25)
-OOC messages no longer reset AFK
-System now leaves a GM Note if suspicious activity is detected.
-Rerolling mutations now removes ckey from preventreroll list.

V 7.8B
-Reduced characters required for additional Activity from 50 to 40
-Cero has been nerfed for Strong Hollow: modifier from +8 to +6
-Missions have been significantly nerfed
-Shred costs less Reiryoku
-Poison costs more Reiryoku
-Activity is reduced if you are the only player in view
-Activity rewards now scale according to how far away from the Battle Level you are, giving an additional 10% per level
-Unnerfed PVE Missions

V 7.8C
-Minor Figures (Urahara, Aizen Helper, Shinji, Human Leader) have been nerfed. +12 to +6
-Big Gillian now have a unique power boost when they become Arrancar
-Activity decays by 0.1 every 2 minutes; rewards from Activity are also done every two minutes now
-Statpoint gains from Activity have been doubled
-Activity now resets to 0 after 30 minutes of AFK (was 15, is effectively the same as before)

V 7.8D
-Variety of map updates
-Transformations now end properly
-Shinigami Representatives now have their Release Abilities procced (Mayuri Poison, Kira Slow, etc)
-Transformations now cost 1.01 AP (prevents attacking)
-Shunpo variants now cost 1AP to use (enables attacking)
-Initiative Rolls for Battle Mode now include Initiative bonus from passives and mutations
-Added debug log for turn order
-Moving into a dense object no longer removes your action points
-Special Quincy arrows (Explosive Arrow, Needle Arrow, and Arrow Burst) now work properly
-Quincy no longer regenerate reiryoku per second inside Battle Mode (they still do outside of Battle Mode)


-Speed Demon no longer reduces movement cost
-Expert Dodger becomes available at level 7, boosts evasion by +1
-Second Wind has been reduced for Shikai: the maximum amount of health boosted is 40 (10 per passive point; this is half of Bankai, which is 20 per point)

-Chance to obtain Last Resort from 8% to 10%
-Byakuya gives -2 Evasion and Initiative
-Byakuya Reiroyku Strength boost from +18 to +20
-Byakuya Defence boosts (both) from +7 to +10
-Ichigo Evasion boost from +3 to +5

Shinigami Representative:
-Resolve passive now gives 20% base chance to revive, 10% per level

-High Speed Regeneration no longer boosts defence
-High Speed Regeneration regen per turn from *1.5 to *1
-Cero now properly deals damage pending
-Bala now has an AP cost of 0.7 and a boost of -5

V 7.8E
-Demi Hollow can now devour NPC Demi Hollow
-Mutations are now hidden from you if you relog to abuse rerolling.
-Players are considered to be AFK for Activity Gains after 5 minutes
-Minor figures have been decreased from +6 to +5
-Aizen has been decreased from +15 to +10
-All Arrancar forms have been rescaled to be made weaker (generally a -2 decrease: Vasto Arrancar, for example, from +12 to +10)
-Senior Captain boost from +12 to +10
-Unseated Shinigami from 3/3/2/2(strength, reiryoku strength, defences) to 4/4/3/3
-Seated Shinigami from 3/3/3/2 to 5/5/5/5
-Hollow now gain 0.1 devours per activity tick (this scales based on level to cap)
-Shinigami now gain 0.1 soul burials per activity tick (this scales based on level to cap)
-Shikai is now obtained at levels 3 or 4 (if higher, you will be set to 3 or 4)
-Shinigami Rep now gain Shikai at levels 2 or 3 (if higher, you will be set to 3 or 4)
-Shunpo now has an AP Cost of 0.99 (enables attacking)
-Lord of Earth and Agile Strikes now trigger Direct Damage

V 7.8F
-Shields now have new functionality:
-Ven Shield now absorbs attacks completely, reducing user Reiryoku by (power / 3) or (power / 5) depending on Shikai/Bankai
-Blood Mist Shield and Enkosen now absorb attacks, reducing user reiryoku by (power / 3)
-Level 1 Santen Kesshun Shield now absorbs attacks completely. It ends after absorbing one attack, and reduces reiryoku by (power / 6).
-Level 2 Santen Kesshun Shield now reflects attacks, reducing user reiryoku by (power / 3)
-Seki now reduces attack power by 50%, reducing user reiryoku by (power / 2)
-Reiatsu Wall now provides +15 Defence, has a cost of 12

-Ported Mystery Man from older versions of the game
-Figure NPCs now mostly work
-PVP toggle no longer messes up the world information on the BYOND page
-Missions now give 10 for Demi Hollow, 20 for Weak Hollow, 25 for Medium, 30 for Strong, 40 for Gillian, 60 for Adjuuca, and 80 for Vasterode
-Shinigami Guards are now stronger (10-14 is now 10-16 in stats)
-Effects now progres when Battle Mode ends
-Effects now work properly if activated prior to using Battle Mode
-Tsuzuri Raiden now boosts Strength by +6 (from +4)
-Tsuzuri Raiden now has a level requirement of 3 (from 4)
-Releases are now determined by a direct passive comparison (having 3 more Strength passives than Reiryoku passives will give a selection of four Strength releases; same goes for Reiryoku).
-Shikai List resets at the start of each Shikai popup (this stops people from not receiving four choices).

V 7.8G
-Quincy now activate their Bow and Vollstandig by removing their gloves (Basic Glove and Neo Sanrei glove, respectively)
-Activity now requires 35 characters instead of 40 characters
-Max activity given by a single action is 5
-New T3 Mutation to give +1 passive
-Increased Mask Time passive gives +3 turns to Vaizard Mask (caps at 2)
-Skill Mutations have been fixed and re-enabled (25% chance for a skill to have a Mutation)

-Implemented a basic lighting system
-Each realm has its own time
-Lighting is removed if you are inside of a building or a non-traditional Z level
-Projectiles produce coloured light

Battle System:
-Now considers Initiative boosts given by Passives and Mutations
-Tsuzuri Raiden no longer lingers after it wears off
-Tsuzuri Raiden now costs 75 Action Points (from 100)
-Quincy are now removed from their transformations when knocked out
-Kyokko is now a status effect (default duration: 3 turns)
-Sado Guard now increases defence by 30% (from 20%)
-Shell Guard now lowers Speed by 7 (from 3)
-Hiryugekizokushintenraiho damage increased to 12 (from 9)
-Freeze now lowers Speed by 5 (from 4)
-Normal Slow now lowers speed by 3 (from 5)
-Skill Mutations should work properly with the Battle System
-Raike now applies Stun (35% chance in Shikai, 45% in Bankai)
(A target can only have one stun at a time. Stuns increase movement cost by 40%)
-Tsuzuri Raizen has a 15% chance of applying Stun on damage
-Byakuya now spawns less petals (only 9 petals in Shikai and Bankai)
-Byakuya Petals now disposed of properly in Bankai
-Chire now has an AP Cost of 1.01
-Petal damage rescaled to 70% of Reiryoku Level and Boost in Bankai, 45% in Shikai
-Respira works as above, but with 80% of Strength Defence level
-Evasion rolls should now output success if equal to the enemy damage roll
-Speed Demon now requires level 5
-Yumichika Reiryoku Steal changed from 1-3 to 3-6
-Yumichika Bankai Reiryoku Steal from +2 to +3
-Zaraki AOE now outputs damage correctly
-Zaraki AOE nerfed: damage is now Reiatsu divided by 3
-Critical attacks no longer boost whole damage by *1.5
Instead, critical attacks multiply Stat Level + Random Level by 1.5; boosted damage is left untouched
-Big Gillian is now retained through Arrancar
-Jab and Serene Sword Slash should now be working properly for Melee Fullbrings
-Speed Demon boosts evasion by +1 (from +2)
-Raikouhou should now work properly