Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Well, I am changing Azusa website, and transfered the devlog to the "Updates" part on the website, so everytime I announce an update I will just post here the picture and the brief update log; So if you want to get more informations about the update you can read it in the website:!Pandora-Update/ckqg/ 566f83950cf275ddd6e558b7

Also, going to announce here too the future changes on the website, (Already changed alot of things so check out!)
About to make more guides and change the site layout/design!

Update log:

Version 4.1 - December 2015
*New God: Pandora
*New Relics: Pandora Box, Purple Mask, Red Mask
*17 New Dark Armors
*Added Minotaur Maze Dungeon Tier!
*New Enemies: Skeleton, Skeleton Lord, and Boss Minotaur
*Added Logout NPC Killing Toggle
*New Armor Wearing Effects!
*New Auras for transformation and armor wearings
*Another roll of bugfixes!

What do you use for your web hosting services? And do you pay for your domain?
Sorry this probably isn't the place for this but I've been looking for both recently.
I use wix, its easy and cheap(can be free to use) :S And yeah I do pay for the domain :/ (idk the prices btw)
Ah wix. I thought about it but I personally like to style my websites by hand.
I couldn't seem to find any option that allowed me to upload code directly to the service.