Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello people of BYOND! Another devlog this time brought to you by me because our good friend Pixelcomet had something to take care of tonight >.> As usual, another gif heavy post so watch out!

With the holidays coming up and work season getting tougher, it's been hard keeping up with the usual game dev routine, however, all of that should change once the holidays pass and the New Years roll in!

By the end of the month we should have crafting ready to go, so before we perform that, we'd like gathering to feel right. Mining has been started and looks like this at the moment and should feel better in the coming days

Wood cutting now looks like this, but is not finalized.

For this week, I feel like I'd share a lot of the small systems that haven't really been revealed yet.

Boards are placed all throughout the main villages and outposts where people can freely write messages for others to read. The rules of posting haven't really been set in stone yet, but it's still a really fun system whether you're just passing by reading random posts out of boredom, or just posting helpful advice about the area.

Similar actions can be done with signs as well!

Aside from that, while we are experiencing some downtime, we have taken the liberty of cleaning up a lot of the UI. Selecting a character will look something like this-

Here's a small preview of what some Earth techniques look like that

And some random teleporting-

Things should hopefully pick up next week with another in depth and exciting devlog! If you haven't already be sure to fan the hub! And don't forget there's always room for suggestions and criticism so be sure to post your opinions! That's it for this week and make sure you keep your eye out on the hub for random private testings!

There won't be a dev log next week because of Holidays. Expect our next dev log on January 5th!
Nice work Ishuri & Shinobi dev team. Looks good.
I just found out about this, looks amazing!
good job keep up with the good work
Dev Logs will start up again next week Tuesday
I'm glad somebody is working hard :D
This is looking honestly awesome; keep up the good work.