Just out of curiosity, how many people are still around on Byond? Is it even above 100 anymore?
Around 600-1k
There's currently only 69 people on BYOND.

However if you factor in the population of the Nexus, which is 420, and times that number by 69, you get a product that is well over 9000.

[citation needed]
I would also be interested in knowing the actual numbers. Is there anyway for Lummox to give an approximate of the traffic to the site?
there used to be on the website Players online, but they removed it once it got below 1k
It's actually consistently several thousand.
How's that possible given the number of players listed on the hubs and the amount of forum users?
I've always wondered about that. Is that the number of people with BYOND pager up or something? Because even looking at the front page I usually see barely 1500 players if that.
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There's a large amount of games that don't show up on the front page, or search, which have sometimes several hundred players. Lots of nartos and Zetas
Sooooo important note to take from this is BYOND does have the traffic to support a healthy player base for upcoming games.
I'm not sure if it's fair to clump the hidden anime game playerbase with the rest of the site. They probably aren't people you can market to easily or successfully.
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The anime playerbase is the EASIEST playerbase to market to successfully. You KNOW what they want. You just have to give it to them.
The old "active users online" ticker only displayed people that were either logged into a game or the pager. It didn't account for people like myself(and surprisingly most active community members) that just lurk and develop instead of playing games.

I think Fugs does have a point with the anime crowd to some extent, though.
Why should the anime crowd be disregarded? Most of the developers on that end are far better at making games than anyone who lurks these forums lol
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Zagros5000 wrote:
Why should the anime crowd be disregarded? Most of the developers on that end are far better at making games than anyone who lurks these forums lol

Anime is life
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I disagree with your statement, but we're not talking about developers. The bulk of the anime crowd isn't very marketable because they don't really care about nonanime games on BYOND.

That's not by any means an all-inclusive statement, but it's true for the bulk of them.
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But that's not the point. The only FPS that I actually like on Steam is Firefall, but that doesn't mean there's no point in Steam marketing FPS games.

Let me reiterate: If you know what an audience wants, it's easier to cater to them and con them out of their money. What do you think politicians have been doing all this time?
Nobody's talking about conning people out of money except you. We're talking about making games because we love games, not because we want to make as much money as possible.
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If that's the case then why would you care how your game is received? You've created quite the paradox here. If you just want to make games because you love making games, why does it matter if X or Y like your game? If you want X or Y to like your game, then the anime fanbase is the best place to go for easy likes. And if you're trying to make money, then again, the fangame community is the easiest target demographic.

Nothing you say makes sense Fugsnarf, but that's probably because you took a stance to oppose me instead of a logical one.
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I'm pretty sure you're an idiot, but it might just be congenital.
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