The Last Ninja War

New fun fast training PVP intensive game

Credits to Berlin and his development team

Special Thanks to Takuto/Muge1234

Konev/K1GAARA - Owner
Tetsuya/GATOR34- Head Game Master

People who have benefited the game
- Dj_Chad
- White Zetsu
- Lightlingkid
- Muge1234
- 5ratsuperhalo
- Darkchrispie
- Bookie86
Konev I maybe plan to restart coding my old ngg maybe you want to help me or we can share ideas to create one big cool nng an original one NarutoShippudenIntoDarkness
Wiped and Updated :) Come play!
Have been inactive for a long time ill come play this game when I find time looks great
byond:// Naruto Last Ninja War!! Massive update with alot of cool new features is back online, come join :)
Its online just isnt showing up on the hub to byond:// come join :)
Up in a few with cool updates
Now Online
Can't join the game Konev I don't know why it says connection died before letting me in.

Edit: Join successfully but only via the webclient.

Edit 2: Join successfully on BYOND Pager.
is the game down for good or what?
In response to SBLazlo15
I hope not! but Konev if you need help for the development or for the hosting just pm me!
Nah not down for good I'm thinking of updating and sure Louis I'll contact you when I'm done
Ok good news! and yea don,t hesitate if you need some help with anything
Will be up today hopefully with some changes
Where it go?!
Is the game not up for some reason?
Fresh Wipe and training speed is back to normal so it will feel like a real ninja game now. Come Join!
New fresh wipe with new changes! New style of training!
Come try it out!
please put a web client on, i have a mac. i just wanna play but money has to go to more important things, not tryna tell a life story
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