Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13

Poll: Does the community want a rebuild?

Hell Yes! 69% (30)
Don't Care... 6% (3)
Byond is Awesome! 4% (2)
We've heard this before... 18% (8)

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Hey there SS13 Fans -

I'm letting the community know that I have been working on a SS13 rebuild that is the current game plus more, with fluid movement instead of tile based movement, fluid combat, and more. The game is being developed in Unity3D, and it's being completely built by myself. I'm here to answer any questions and see if the community even wants such a thing, or if we should just let it die here on Byond where it was originally created.

Q: Wait, wasn't there a rebuild already?

A: Yes, though it didn't make it past the initial phase of development. You can find the skeletons at where you can also find the original source code they were using.

Q: So there's a source code - are you using that?

A: Nope! I'm re-writing everything from scratch in C#, and building everything using whats already here.

Q: Will this rebuild have the same graphics we've come to know?

A: Yes, though there will be new tiles and changes to existing ones. I have based the rebuild off of whats already here and available as I'm not a graphics artist but I do have limited ability to expand upon it.

Q: When will it be done?

A: I make no promises on a deadline. It'll be ready when it's ready. There will be an Alpha and a Beta like most games, to ensure that the game servers can handle the player load.

Q: Where will it be released?

A: On Steam, and via a website that doesn't exist as of yet.

Q: Steam? Oh it's not going to be free huh?

A: Ok so this is a sensitive subject for a lot of gamers but I'm going to break it down. Yes, there will be a -small- fee to purchase the game, and there will be no hidden fees beyond the initial purchase. Why am I charging? Well, let's consider the sheer number of hours and labor that will be going into the rebuild. Assuming I work on this for a minimum 40 hours a week, for the next 3 months, that's a lot of my time that has gone into the development of the game. I love SS13, but I wouldn't ask anyone to do my yard daily for the next 3 months for free just because they love mowing grass or landscaping. The community as a whole deserves a quality rebuild so the game is even more fun and involved than before, and attracts many new players. This just can't happen without dedicated time and work, and such things are never free.

Q: Ok ok we get it. It's a job - will it be worth it?

A: Yes! In fact I plan on adding many new features such as a multiplayer hub which will allow players to transfer between stations, a skill and level system which will allow players to unlock jobs, play training missions, and get credit for performing their jobs and not just causing random chaos. This also opens the chance for players to own and run their own stations, and give meaning to each role.

Q: Ugh, so no more random chaos? I loved that!

A: Oh no, there will be Chaos, and there will be traditional stations that will follow the exact same rules as they are currently, with no limitations that don't already exist here. This way, if thats what you enjoy go for it! If you prefer a more serious station management experience with people who value their roles and perform their functions with a purpose in mind instead of running around naked chasing clowns, then there will be that as well. Something for everyone.

Q: Will you listen to the community?

A: Of course! I think it's important to hear out what the community wants in any game development, and this is no different. I will take advice, opinions and suggestions equally, and will do my best to make the game awesome.

Q: Can we contact you with these suggestions?

A: Yes - if you want to chat about features, give suggestions or the such just send me an email to: [email protected]

Q: What about a website and forums?

A: As development progresses I will open a forums for screenshots and discussions, but at this time none exists for this particular project. If the community wants a forums, I can set one up pretty fast though as I'm very interested in seeing if the community will back such a project. Regardless of the backing, the project will be completed.
Aren't you afraid of the curse?
The 'small fee' part is what's probably going to kill this project once it's done. SS13 on Beyond is completely free, aside from some cosmetic benefits. There wouldn't be a reason for any players to migrate from there to here. Maybe set up a donations system? The 'pay2play' thing is just not going to work with a game that's supposed to be on Byond.