Dragonball Z: True Warriors!

by Advaster
Dragonball Z: True Warriors!
Flash Film Productions Dragonball Z PvP. This is still a work in progress!

This is yet another PvP game. Hang tight I am still making Major adjustments to it I will keep you posted!

Check out updates on it at: http://flashfilmproductions.co.cc
Keep on checking this hub! :)

Announced Features:

The Ultimate & Realistic Dragonball World Experience!
New race adjustments!
New Otherworld location!
Friendly and FAIR GMs!
More soon!
I am resuming construction on this project with other tweaks I will post em later on in production it is way to early to announce features. This will be non profit fan base with a tweak of rip regardless of what happened to Fan base games I gave up once and recent events awoke me and it wont happen again.