Sometimes when I host through Dream Daemon, it randomly just crashes. Most of the time when I'm away and not even doing anything on my computer. Is there any reason why this would happen? It's a problem because the games need to stay up while I'm away. I've been hosting for a week now, and it hasn't happened. But out of no where, it started happening today. I've had this problem in the past before as well, but there's no pattern. It just randomly happens and it's very inconvenient.

I'd need crash details from the Windows event viewer to see what's going on.
I don't know where to look in the event viewer. I found the event viewer, just don't know where to look in the event viewer to find the info you need.
The first one is what I need.
Alright, were you able to tell what's happening?
Or do you need to see whats under the details tab?
I only need the info from the first image, but it'd be more helpful if you pasted it in text form. I won't actually be tracing that till after the holidays.