Fugsnarf wrote:
He's a character.

The Gazebo will not stand for discrimination of inanimate objects.
Discrimination of Inanimate...oh, wait, hold on. I have an idea for Cup of Carrot Juice. Hear me out on this one. What if I make Cup of Carrot Juice a character, but tweak him so that he can fight, and move around, instead of standing still, and having a 25% chance of spilling every turn. Here's an idea I had for Carrot Juice Cup-Dude.

Name: "Juice"
Race: Unknown (Humanoid)
Class: Healer/Flamer
Starting Equipment: Medi-Gun w/ Flamethrower Mode, Tankers of Carrot Juice
Background: No one knows anything about "Juice", whether it be his...her...it's appearance under it's fireproof suit, or even it's species. What is known is his nickname. The Juice isn't the Napalm that powers his Flamethrower, it's the bizarre way the Medi-Gun works. It's powered by a tanker of Carrot Juice...somehow.

How about this guy...girl...person? There's still Carrot Juice in there, and the juice helps him...her...it out in Combat.
Cup of Carrot Juice identifies as a man, thank you very much. And I don't like him being able to do anything except sit still and think.

Here's my idea: he gets a wish every turn because he's a carrot genie. But he's just a carrot genie in training so the wish doesn't always come true.
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...Is it wrong that I'm ok with this? You know what? I'm nuts, so lemme just approve this. So, I'll make a new sheet to accommodate this new CoCJ (Cup of Carrot Juice). I'll even give him a new background. Tell me if it's okay, alright?

Name: Cup of Carrot Juice
Race: Carrot...but Juiced
Class: Carrot Genie
Starting Equipment: Cup
Background: A being that can transform into vegetables, Cup of Carrot Juice permanently became a Carrot, and then permanently became Juice. However, he was granted a wish by a Genie, who granted him Genie Powers. The one drawback? He would have novice powers, meaning the Game Master's rolls affect the wish's chance of fulfilling...

Inanimate objects fight just fine.

In response to Ter13
Considering your character is a robot literally made of parts from a Gazebo, I was never doubting that. I just didn't want a joke character, like the Cabbages were in RTD: Prototype. Fugsnarf added a gimmick that makes this Cup of Carrot Juice useful, so I'm approving him. Speaking of...


1. Ter13 as Gaz the Gazebo
2. Fugsnarf as Cup of Carrot Juice the Genie
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?

If anyone else wants to pick a pre-made character, that's a more guaranteed way of getting in!
Alright, I'm back. Remember, if you're interested, pick a character that's Pre-Made, they are a more reliable way to get in.
I just realized that this may be one of those times when I'm not taking things as seriously as a GM should. I mean, a Cup of Carrot Juice? Really? That...doesn't sound right.

Gaz can stay, but Fugsnarf, I need you to come up with another character.
I'm out if I can't be Cup of Carrot Juice.
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Whoa, now. No need to do that, no sir-ee. Let's compromise, man. Meet me in the middle.
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Greatness942 wrote:
Whoa, now. No need to do that, no sir-ee. Let's compromise, man. Meet me in the middle.

I agree, he should settle for a Glass Half-Full of Carrot Juice. He can say he lost the other half back in nam.
In response to Lige
Lost the other half in Nam? I...how would a glass of Carrot Juice lose half of itself in Vietnam? Did some Marines drink out of it?...Actually, I'm a nutty person, so...Fugsnarf? You wanna be a half-full Glass of Carrot Juice?
Im back i want to play as zura the shop keeper and fighter if anyone rembers him you are legendary
r i meant remembers instead of rembers
Name: Zura
Race: Humanoid Octopus
Class: Merchant/Fighter
Starting Equipment: Ornate Sword, Cloak of Darkness
Background: Zura, known as the Nine or the Ninth to some people, is a Merchant, with training as a warrior. He has siblings, and like those siblings, can absorb souls for power.

Is this the Character you want to play? Just checking.
yes it is i love this charecter the first really good cheracter i made and yes i do suck at spelling
Approved! Current Playerlist:

1.Ter13 as Gaz the Gazebo
2. Fugsnarf as Cup of Carrot Juice the Genie (because I'm nuts.)
3. Potato55 as Zura the Ninth
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
Cup of Carrot Juice wishes to teleport off of the kitchen table and onto the couch to watch TV.
In response to Fugsnarf
Well, the game hasn't started yet, but I can do a pre-game roll, before the game starts. (6) He uses a genie wish to teleport to the couch, and the resulting magic burst gifts Cup of Carrot Juice a Ring of Guaranteed Wish.
12:40 AM Central Time! HAPPY NEW YEARS, GUYS!
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