Galactic Frontier

by Deathmonk
Ginseng's Classic game is back!
-I recently restored some files and found an older version of the game to bring it back to Byond.
Some updates are in the works due to me not having the version i was working on a few years back.

-Also this is indeed Ginsengs classic and with his consent he gave me ownership several years ago, but the name was changed for obvious reasons. All the content you remember is still there and will not go away. i will only add as the game continues to grow. Hope to see this game thrive again. See you guys in-game.


Immediate Staff

Programmer/Artist/Owner: Deathmonk
Programmer/Artist/Co-Owner: Ginseng
Head Enforcer: OBI SON


+Added an interface

-New white and orange sabers added

-New legendary weapons and armor scattered throughout the various worlds

+New enemies

-3 new side quest now available

With permission from Ginseng i have decided to bring his game back. So fans of any genre, whether its Shooters, RPG's, or even RP games are welcome to play. If i am not on my main project "Killjoy" then i am hosting/updating this project.

On a side note...

This project is in need of revival. I have left the host files on the hub. Feel free to host your own private servers. Although a main server will be here you may host your own worlds for your own enjoyment. I will try to implement custom saves respectively in the near future. But as of right now you do those servers at your own risk. Well enough of that. Enjoy!
i cant download the game.. im a bg starwars fan... wel im a fan of any rpg game i want to host and im almost 24/7 can you fix the host files please so i can play this as i may have friends interested aswell
Its up and running for all who enjoyed it. Old and new players are encouraged to come try it out.

I added the host files for whoever would like their own private world.

The game will be updated consistently.