Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
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Nobody wanted to post about this on the forums because it was a "moot point", but I figured Inu needs to see what you're saying.

There's a complaint going around that the evil side is winning because all the admins joined the side, and there's no way to catch up.

Discuss civilly.
Thats not the complaint. The complaint is that when roles are carried over from TS's it kind of guarntees that side wins unless during an event a God decides to intervene or the person gives up their rank. It kind of unbalances the game for any normal player that starts off as a basic NG. There is no legitmate way to catch up as we all train at the same rate. The game is RP and is mainly based of Status to back up the RPs and thats fine it allows the less skilled RPers to have a role in the game but when the status of someone who was ALREADY op carry on to the next TS it kind of fucks that TS for everyone because its guarnteed.

1. Hades(Elias) has 13k speed last time I asked. 13k. It would take someone with all of their talent points just in speed about a week to catch that if IF elias just stopped training entirely.
2. Roles being carried over is how this would actually work. Gods, Undead, Angels, would all be undying and would not die unless vanquished but in reality that creates an unbalanced and negative game enviornment for players who are new or even veterans who have to NG.
3. You claim the events are decided by the players and respectivly they are, but when you have these people with unmatchable and unbeatable status the limitations of what normal players can do is very restricting and creates that negative RP experience.

Training feels fruitless and pointless when your almost doomed to fail at the hands of someone who has been successful. If they just worked hard for that war and earned that right it would be fine but when they start off so far ahead and are still allowed to have such a massive impact on the IC story it completely shuts down any chances of a normal player having a meaningful effect on anything and in an RP game everyone is playing and uses it as an escape of sorts and when the game makes you feel meaningless and like your wasting your time it becomes much harder to stick around.
Wellp, most ranks become admins AFTER getting their rank, as Death Lords, Gods etc... (every one got the adms power cuz of the ranks) these ranks kind of need admin comunication and since they are active they help the rp to go on;
However I understand those stuffs... Its always a headache, so I might get some work into an Admin room and make all admins get alts (and give admin power only to their alt); and make the admin log public.
So no more complaints about admin abuses; Also about the catch up, don't worry.
The game may look impossible for you to catch up to Elias; but it is very possible, you guys are all forgetting alot of the game's variables, like transformations, Kamuis etc (wich dont need you to train, and makes u waaaay stronger)
Not to mention again the Free Training RPs time during this 1 year of training, Hades announced a cease on attacks for 1 year, so the alive ppl could train to put up on a fight;
So everyone interested in RPing a training during this training year will get a boost; so they can catch up;

Ofc that won't be the only thing needed to beat Hades... But thats a way;
Azusa have many catching up system like these, the generations itself, even Hades can't keep his rank forever; And Even Zion will end up having to start over in a new generation sometime;
This means all of a sudden your char can be the strongest person alive left. This happened with everyone, don't forget this isn't the first war ppl complains about catching up, and then everyone catches up xD
I really like the admin alt idea. When Fire lost their save file, it meant all their admin stuff was gone... so it'd be useful in preventing that from happening again.