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For my present project I am doing some batch processing on DMI files.
Unfortunately, the tools for these processes output PNGs without any DMI formatting (icon states, animations, and the such).

Supposing that I had the original DMI, I would like to transfer png comments from the original to the output, so that I can restore the icon states and animations and directions and such without having to sort through every frame by hand.
TweakPNG should help you with this.
If you are doing batch processing, then you should be using a command line tool.

You should look into ExifTool. It's made for reading and writing all kinds of image metadata.

If you are already using ImageMagick, then you can probably use it to copy the metadata, but it's not as easy to use and has some limitations, so I wouldn't recommend it for this purpose. ExifTool is a much more lightweight option.
If you want to get more specific, there's DMItool: dmitool
You need to keep the zTXT headers intact, try looking for a tool that supports this
Not sure if this answers your question but simply changing it's extension via rename preserves its states. Using paint to save the png also preserves its states, from there you can just change the extension back to .dmi via rename again.
zTXt and tEXt