Hi, i'm looking for a good and cheap linux VPS or possibly even windows VPS.
It's gotta be affordable enough, i'm new to this and looking for options.
As suggested to me by Doohl, NFO Servers has been a wonderful option for my team and I. It's extremely affordable and fast.
I've been with NFOservers for about 2 years now and have never seen evidence of them being a "shady" company.

Where is your information coming from? If it's not self-experience, I would advise you not to pass it onto others as fact.
And I think the name "Morphi" is shady.

The point: the above and your comment have no factual basis.
I can also confirm that NFO is really good we been with it for a year and a half, and we never had any issue, they always tell us when they do maintenance and server upgrades, and we never had a crash or server issues that would come directly from them. +1
This person has no idea what they're talking about, sorry.
I don't understand why you're against NFO and communitys response to it even thought we have experince with it and tell the player in need that is a good service. We have no reason to lie or deceive people so I don't know whats your play here buddy.
Morphi wrote:

Eternia has been hosted on a NFO VPS for almost two years now. There's nothing shady about the company, as customer views indicate. It's a good deal for BYOND games since they're offering a ~3ghz cores at $8 a month. That's all you'll ever need.
just bought from NFO VPS gonna test this :D
Tell me how it goes, stil deciding what I want!
Since you recommend NFOServers. Do you think the 8$ one will do for any byond game?