Well, i already did everything on that tutorial on

apt-get install libboost-regex-dev(Done)
cd byond-regex-master
make test
gcc main.cpp -o bygex.o -m32 -c -fpic
gcc bygex.o /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libboost_regex.a -o -shared -m32 -lstdc++
mv bin/.
cd /bin
#soft link the so to the bygex path
ln -s bygex
DreamDaemon tgstation.dmb [[myport]] -trusted

runtime error: Unable to load bin/bygex(yes, there is a bygex there)

Then i tried to strace the file

strace DreamDaemon tgstation.dmb [[myport]] -trusted -logself 2>&1 | grep '^open(".*bygex.*"'


open("bin/bygex", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT(No such file or directory)

Any help?
DreamDaemon NAMEOFTHEGAME.dmb PORT -trusted -logself &
[1] 789
What does it means?
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did you install byond in linux?
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Rafael450 wrote:
[1] 789
What does it means?

That means its running in the background. Use ps -A | grep DreamDaemon to see if its running.
you will need to be more specific. just pointing to an X on the Windows DreamDaemon hosting window leaves out all sorts of relevant side information.

do you want to know what port to use? do you want to know how to set up port-forwarding for your home network so that you can host games? do you wonder what that X means?

there needs to be more context... not just 'i want to know it'... it what?

alright, its running well, but im trying to run on Tg ss13, that needs a Bygex, even if the ports is recheable i cant see it on the hub

And being more specific: usually, the ports arent Recheable on windows, then i close them and open it again, thats why i needed it

I will change the title to a question how to set up Bygex on linux for Tg station on SS13
If you're running 510 or greater and the latest tg master then bygex is no longer required.

If you’re using 509 and an older tg, then you need to give more information

full path to bin/bygex file + permissions on the file.

you don't need to use gcc to compile the file if you run make, make will run those commands for you and spit out the
alright, then, i have the 02/20 tg version, and byond 510, then i can normally run the tg without any prob?

((sry for my bad english))
Yes that should be fine.