Dragonball Z Way of Darkness

by Hox
It's a cool game u can enjoy. Join and see this game is one of a kind!
[Main Owner]Lord Sahitzo-sama[Pain1023]
[Main Owner]Kiske[Hox]
[Main Owner]Danata[Danata]
[Head Admin]
[Master Admin]
[Level 4 Enforcer]
[Level 3 Enforcer]
[Level 2 Enforcer]
[Level 1 Enforcer]

1. No Asking For GM
2. No Advertising Unless a Head Admin or Higher Decrees you can
3. The Creator Has The Authority To Do Anything He Wants.

Saiyan King Of Vegeta:
Saiyan Queen Of Vegeta:
Saiyan Prince Of Vegeta:
Saiyan Princess Of Vegeta:
Saiyan Royal General:
Saiyan Elite General:
Saiyan Low Class General: