Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
- Pixelcomet: mood right now ~~~~ (accriate)
(his computer crashed while working and watching Game of Thrones)

How's it going BYOND here's another fucking Dev log. Right now I've been working on Character Animations, while pixelcomet works on turfs and weapon designs for the past week :D

Here's some animations of some of the bandit class monsters/npcs (with another bunny animation :3)
Sadly the pigs and the last muscular npcs towards the right don't have animations :C

Here is the weapon designs that Pixelcomet made recently, he's spent the last few hours rotating them and preping them for animation while watching Game of Thrones
(before utterly crashing and most likely losing most of the file) LOL
Luckily we were able to salvage most of it back, here's a sneak peak!

Pixelcomet also updated some of the turf tiles, and we've changed our tile size to 16x16 from 32x32.
He felt it was better this way, as it allowed for further depth in the newly designed maps.
Here's some of the turf mockups he's been working on and (you'll be able to see in game shortly)

And last but not least, here's a video/sneak peak on the new combat that we're trying to work on.
We have inspirations from Ninja Storm's substitution system and we have a charging attack system and combo system.
We also show PvE. And just for funsies at the end of the video you see I utterly beat on the coder >:3

Ishuri: I sincerely apologize for the video's quality, the recorder we were using is new to me.

Thank you for your time and we'll see you next week!
(hopefully pixelcomet's computer doesn't crash this time so he can do the devlog, but I had a lot of fun! haha)
Let me just start by saying everything is as wonderful as always. In terms of the video, though things aren't finished, it did seem a bit static when the characters are moving while sword slashing but I don't mind that much. I completely love the fact that you can use the mouse to shoot a jutsu in a certain direction though that will probably be hard to get used to for most byond players but It would be something nice for a change.

The tile set looks nice, I don't see anything much I can criticize on it since it does seem to follow a theme quite well and looking at your previous screenshots it's quite perfect.

About your weapons, I can't tell if some of the black outlines look funny or if that's just the image though I find the looks fine to me. I hope that losing some of the weapon designs wasn't problematic to you guys, I know the hassle of when I lose a sprite i'm creating for a game :c
The video is being remade to more accurately show game play since the one that's featured here was rather hastily made. I'm re uploading the weapon showcase since the one above is a little blurry.

I didn't lose too much in the power outage luckily.
Everything looks nice! Keep up the good work! :3