Making music has been a hobby of mine for a few years now. I decided to put a few music packs together of songs I wasn't using, free, for everyone to use. I know not everyone can afford to pay for music because for some, making games is something we're doing for fun and not necessarily as a profession.

There are 6 music packs in total, each containing 12 songs of varying styles and duration. They are all in 320kbps .mp3 files, and can be downloaded in the 'Download' section of my website

I also added some random SFX I made awhile back to the download page. If you can use them in your game, great!

If you like any of the songs you hear on my home page (personal releases) you're more than welcome to use those as well and they can be downloaded on my soundcloud page.

Everything is free to use/download. All I ask for in return is credit for creating the tracks (For instance, a simple 'Music by Muffin Lad' in the credits)

Donations are always welcome, and appreciated, but never required.

If you like these please leave me some feedback, tell your friends about my music, and I'll continue uploading more for everyone to use!

-Muffin Lad
A couple new songs up, check them out and download them free for your games if you like them!
New songs up! As always they're free to download and use!
Just throwing it out there, some of the songs sit awkwardly on the key they're in, not ending phrases at the root or fifth, making for a really harsh tension that's never quite resolved as well as some pieces being hard to determine whether they're in key in the first place.

The actual mixing isn't bad, but the compositions could definitely stand for some back-to-the-basics style of development.

You're a good artist, I just think you can be better. :)
Sorry I can no longer afford to host my web page but am working on something new to upload everything else. New stuff on my soundcloud page though