by Hinashou
Relive nostalgic moments with catchable monsters!
Version 1.86.2 Released!

Alliance passive system added in preparation for Alliances that are coming! Stat EXP events and other changes!
Version 2.02.1 Released!

Shiny monsters have been added! Show off your super rare monsters with endless color combinations!
Version 2.07.4 Released!
Over 235 monsters have been added to Origins! This is a huge update that a lot of players have been excited about for some time!
Version 2.08.4 Released!
New updated list of TMs! Special thanks to LwoJX for gathering this data. Shadowy bug fixes!
Version 2.08.5 Released!
Hotfix for quick player logins causing savefile corruptions. Special thanks to **Bloggers** for being a guinea pig and unfortunate victim of this and bringing it to my attention.
Version 2.09.12 Released!
Exception, exception, exceptions: Various bug fixes in this update. Also a new No EXP item is available in all marts!
Version 2.11.0 Released!
Buttery Smooth Movement: I Can't Believe Its Origins! I highly recommend that you all log in and check it out!
Version 2.12.0 Released!
Kinda small update here but added some objects for the Origins Mapping Environment and added dynamic shadow generation to create small shadows for indoor objects.
Version 2.13.0 Released!
Detect move added - Dodge away to your heart's content! Bug fix with AI's Sing code.
Version 2.17.0 Released!
New move, Sand Tomb, has been added! Visual/Audio enhancements to Thunder, Thunderbolt, & Toxic! New Logo!

Version 2.20.1 Released!
2 new moves, Cosmic Power & Fire Spin, added! Stat Buffs/Debuffs will now show up in the combat log. AI code fix for Double Slap!
Version 2.23.0 Released
Streamline Move AI Code - Fixes a bit of the "teleporting/glitching" people have been reporting
Version 2.27.1 Released
More AI move code streamlined, Rollout move rework, and every trainer is counted!
Version 2.30.2 Released
Mapper Environment update, AI movement bug fix, and world reboot cycle!
Version 2.31.4 Released
Some quick bug fixes thanks to Alex to address Electric vs Rock type moves, and Roar Battle AI. Links in right panel fixed as well.
Version 2.38.2 Released
First initial UI overhaul, including move hotkeys and cooldown overlays, & a couple quick bug fixes. More UI changes to come soon!

Version 2.40.0 Released!
Game screen zoom ratio adjusted & chat text updated!
Version 2.43.0 Released
Holy dark theme! Skin elements reorganized to help transition to more hud objects. Added a new Settings verb called "Change Chat Display Settings" so players can customize their chat/combat window text and image sizes.
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