Reborn Massacre

by YugiMotou111
Reborn Massacre
Classic Settings, Become the Legend
Welcome to Reborn Massacre

Hundreds of different ways to train, some classic, and some new, ensure you'll have plenty to do whilst you refine your skills, and practice some of our new techniques, races and abilities, in a whole new designed map for you to explore and find your place within.

New Planets, and zones. Complete Chaos with a full on Combat ready feature as soon as you're born into the world.

A few of our favorite features include:
-New Genes
-A multitude of new races
-New transformations for all races
-Dozens of new techniques
-New armors, some for training some for PvP
-A fantastic and dedicated team of staff, always here to help!

So please, come in and join us on this epic adventure, with monthly updates and a friendly community, fight your way to the top!

Credits: LightningNinja91

Credits: xXBaseXx

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