Shinobi Realms

by AbstractMusician
Shinobi Realms
A new ninja role-playing experience, loosely based off of the Naruto cosmos.
Join Shinobi Realms! A new Naruto-based role-playing game in which all players are encouraged to make their mark on the potentially vast timeline.

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I eat fucking ass.
In response to DaisukeTysukiyomi
DaisukeTysukiyomi wrote:
I eat fucking ass.

I went on this game to give it a try. It turned out to be the best experience. Admins were great, I even tried testing them. They didn't approve a really dumb and toxic idea I made and simply denied it. They kept their cool and proved that they're great Admins.

Game rate: 9/10
hey I would like to host this game in the area I am in we aren't able to use online games like this so I would like to be able to download it an have people here use it so we can have fun we are at a job corps if you look it up you will see what kinda stuff we are doing if you don't want to or cant that is fine just figured it would be a fun game to play with some friends I have here