Being an indie developer is fun, but sometimes it can be frustrating when you can't get good sound effects! Now, don't let your games go quiet just because you can't afford a sound artist or get that tune just right! I've thrown together a list of sites that offer quality music and sound effects for public domain*. Feel free to suggest a listing or even contribute your own public assets!

* -Public domain; Open for public use so long as credit is given to the original designer.

Freesound (click)
  • Freesound is an excellent website to find free ambiance tracks or sound effects for just about anything you could need. Unfortunately there isn't much of a variety of musical pieces but Freesound is still one of the best options for getting public domain sound effects!

JewelBeat (click)
  • Jewelbeat is my go-to website for professional musical tracks ranging from classical, to metal and everything in between. They're not free, but all of the audio tracks they have are only 99 cents which is an incredible deal for such professional 2:00 - 5:00 minute tracks! Definitely a tier one site for audio assets!

Partners In Rhyme (click)
  • While far from the best and with a limited catalog, Partners in Rhyme has a handful of great sound effects that would work great in most BYOND games!

SFXR (click)
  • SFXR is a program that easily generates sounds that the user can easily reject or accept and alter to fit their needs! *contrib. by LordAndrew.

Audacity (click)
  • Although not much of a program for making sounds, it's probably the best free program for editing sounds and audio files. Between fixing clipping, changing pitch, panning or even just changing the audio format, Audacity is your best bet for editing. Definitely a personal favorite!

BFXR (click)
  • BFXR is like an improved version of SFXR(see above) that generates sounds based on the input parameters! Don't want to download anything? No problem! There is a browser-based version of the program embedded on the homepage! *contrib. by FIREking.

Nosoapradio (click)
  • A great website full of tracks that you can search through with a clever search system that you can select the atmosphere, setting, and intended use of the music. Did I mention it's all free?

Soundimage (click)
  • Another great website with a variety of original music and aesthetic tracks that are all categorized by genre. All tracks are free to use so long as proper credit is given to the creator; Eric Matyas. (click)
  • This sleek website is a source of free, Creative Commons-licensed audio that gets updated weekly with new content! *contrib. by Flick

Individual Tracks -
If you're a sound artist with a few tracks or sound effects that are just collecting dust, upload them and share them below to get listed here (with credit of course!)!
or...grab your mic and make your own sounds lol

most of the zombie sounds in sirius are mine
SFXR is basically my goto for generating sounds.
This is great :)
I've had to resort to using SoundDogs, but most of their stuff are in low bitrates.
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Yut Put wrote:
or...grab your mic and make your own sounds lol

I wouldn't mind seeing some good foley resources for this. Most people don't really have a good idea which methods are good for making different self-recorded sound effects. "Mouth" effects tend to sound awful so if there's a way to use household objects to make the sound, that's even better.
How do you make an audio file the right format?
I heard Branks was good at making audio both sound and music.
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Viper wrote:
I heard Branks was good at making audio both sound and music.

I heard the same thing, im thinking about badgering him to help me make something for my rpg.
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DGS Keelan wrote:
How do you make an audio file the right format?

You can use a program such as Audacity and Export(File >> Export) it as the file type you need.

For BYOND games, I'd suggest Ogg Vorbis.
I create mine by my mom's Mac. I'd rater a Mac than some site. Since you can create your own and be base on your own style. But if you want to use those site, i have nothing against it. Feel free to use it. (Just saying Lol)
A more advanced version of SFXR
Personally, I use MuseScore to make my midis. There's also a program called Famitraacker that you can use to make 8-bit midis.
Nosoapradio is fantastic! Well recommend that.
Soundimage has been added to the list and features an assortment of tracks that are all original and free to use with proper credits to Eric Matyas.
Thanks for your nice post & great list.
Some free music for games, or whatever. (Not mine)
Added to Flick for the contribution!) and cleaned up the OP so that it's a little easier to read and added a new section for individual tracks that anyone might want to share. (:
This looks great. Thanks for sharing!