Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
Yo! Guy from ToJR to bring your news of the recent updates.

This update log will be shorter than the last one but it is good informations for those who are interested in the game and also fans of the Tales series.

**Class & Equipment UPDATES**

Both classes have been redone completely with better stats, so their artes should be stronger now.

Most of the equipments have been completed from range Level 1 to Level 85, even though the max level is 200, the weapons give a real fair boosts compared to old ToJ. A screenshot of both Swordsman and Mage at level 200 stats with only first weapon equipped, no titles leveling and no stats boosts will be shown below.

**Battle System UPDATES**

The battle system has been optimized a bit more better, allowing players and enemies to land on the same pixel location if players were jumping above them or enemies that have been sent airborne through a specific arte (Spread, Tiger Blade, ect)

Also, items usages doesn't do a pop up menu anymore in battle, they will act like the healing artes' system, where you press either F3 (Player 1) to F6 (Player 4) to select which you want to heal. This doesn't apply to Party Items (Treat, Heavy Treat, Specific and Specific Plus)

Enemies' Stun System have improved a bit. Enemies have a higher armor values before stun when they fight a full party (4 players). Enemies can't stay stun for more than 10 (20 if breaking at least 2 players' overlimits) seconds.

Players' Overlimit stuns and may add extra stun time to enemies for 5 seconds

Tales' Representatives will play the Battle and Boss Theme of the Tales game they came from. (I.E: If a player is Cless Albane from Tales of Phantasia and is the leader of their current party, the player and his party will listen to Tales of Phantasia's Battle Theme instead of normal battle theme)

**Cooking UPDATES**

About 20 recipes out of 41 have been completed so far. Note that recipes can only be found and learned by specific NPCs, may the recipes hunting begins!

**Items UPDATES**

Items have been automatically added in players' inventory and sorted out.
Using an item that has 1 usage left won't disappear from your inventory anymore, it will simply goes to 0 and deny access to use it until players have bought new stocks.

Foods' Stocks Capacity have changed from 15 to 99, but Items' Stocks Capacity have been left unchanged to 15. In the future it may be changed to 30 through a special quest.

That will be all for this update log. I thought it would've been short but it seems it was bigger than expected. More informations, the better I guess.

- Guy Cecil

** Mini Boss (Unofficial) - Testing Fight **
For those who haven't seen the video

** Screenshots **

i guess you dont wanna fight
i guess you dont wanna fight
i guess you dont wanna fight
i guess you dont wanna fight

also dem mettaur shockwaves
In response to Ishuri
Must taunt the monster xD, Taunt does raise Overlimit Gauge at the same time