A recent survey was given out to generally all of the Japenese Developers. To keep this post simple and sweet, They voted the Nintendo Wii as being the best system this time around. Japan's known for disliking Microsofts game consoles, so the true competition was between the Wii and PS3. Of the votes for the Wii, only 1% thought the Wii wouldn't be a big hit. The Japenese developers also selected Wii in the survey as the Console they'd love to develop games for. Though the PS3 won the section about the Graphics power in the tech vote, the Wii dominated generally the rest of the Q's. N06.0915.1324.09291.htm
(Keep in mind this guy is a huge big N fan, it probably pained him to write that, but it needs to be said.)
Well duh, the only thing good about the PS3 is the graphics.
I'm not paying $1000 (AUD) for a system that's going to be obsolete in two years and will likely fall apart in three months, given Sony and Microsoft's track record so far.

Graphics don't matter to a great extent. As long as it isn't "block hits block with block" (i.e., FF7), I really don't care.

Caramonmajere, you are incorrect.

The only thing the PS3 is good at is putting people into poverty.
JP, I'm with you on that one.