Which one of these can support BYOND games' hosting? top-10-parse-alternatives-game-backend.html

Which of these would require the least amount of setup with a BYOND game?

Are there any services with a free tier you are using to host your BYOND game?
These are all backend API's to help facilitate multiplayer game management and development. You don't ACTUALLY HOST GAMES ON THEM.
While they are backend services you can use photon as a server. The rest I will have to investigate more.

You build your game including photon's API then you upload your server executable.

Does BYOND support any backend services?

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Not a single one of those services would allow hosting BYOND games. Not a single one is actually hosting a game server.
So BYOND doesn't support back-end services?

Single one-
Game server:
I'm not even sure what you think you mean by "back-end service".
I guess BYOND is baked to be static.
I really think you need to learn what these terms mean before you use them.
'baked' is our word
It's a Cross-Platform TCP/UDP Server Framework. This isn't something you'd 'host' BYOND Servers with. This is a framework used to develop a server yourself.

For example, if you were to create an online game, you'd have the client(what the user downloads) and then you could use Photon to aid in the creation of the game server, which in turn you'd host on preferably a Linux dedicated machine.

I agree with Nadrew here. I think you're completely misunderstanding what you're talking about. Photon isn't a hosting solution, it's a Server Framework used to aid in the creation of your own server from scratch.
Ah I see thanks for explaining. So it's basically a framework layer. To make some tasks easier. A library.
So are there any real actual free Hosting services we could possibly use with for BYOND?
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Anime HQ wrote:
So are there any real actual free Hosting services we could possibly use with for BYOND?

Not really. Nothing productive is ever free since people don't want to give away access to their servers which cost money (hardware, internet bandwidth and service, electricity, etc.)

There's probably better services out there, but I was using for my hosting needs years ago.
Hmm ok. Thank you, so what are some other cheaper but quality service providers?
I use RAMNode, they sell pretty good (and cheap) VPSes that you could probably run the game on.

But remember, nothing that is good comes cheap, and servers are never free/cheap :P