Episode 5 of season 5, has anyone seen it?, Proof that anything can be done!
HOLY SHIT I thought you were joking at first but you're not even kidding, I saw the key "doniu" in the vid

As much as it makes me cringe it's really neat to see BYOND on a television show lmao

"we're still betting our FUTURE on this game.. there's a lot of work still to be done"

lolololo i'm loling at that sentence to.
honestly this made my day, probably one of the best finds ever
I was thinking, "Oh wow a happy ending, I didn't see that coming." And then the last minute of the episode was them not working out anyway. Lol. So anticlimactic.

Well, at least he and his friend will finish their BYOND game and put it on consoles as mentioned earlier in the episode.
Was the guy even in school? They made it seem like it's just he and his friend in that rather nice looking house working tirelessly at their dream of BYOND console ports. :P

I got a few chuckles out of the whole thing. Especially watching Nev putz around on the game while they tried to kill each other with those generic looking naked characters. All I could think to myself was "sweet base bruh."

I'm curious to know what game that was, and if anyone here has heard anything about it. And also if they were using any ripped artwork from shitty anime games in it.
I can't find this anywhere? :(
Zasif thinks its Xirre and Ss4toby, so that might help you guess what project it is
"You guys really made something."
i cri everytime
holy shit
A man is willing to sacrifice a lifelong friendship and a promising video game career to be with a woman he has never met.

"Promising" hahahaha
People still underestimating BYOND? kk
It's sad to see that some people are actually betting their futures on such a mediocre game. Or any game for that matter.


Baird wrote:
People still underestimating BYOND? kk

Yeah, oh boy, the people in this video are going to get so successful off of their little RPG Maker BYOND game. They remind me of you. xD
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GreatPirateEra wrote:
It's sad to see that some people are actually betting their futures on such a mediocre game. Or any game for that matter.

It's sad one's ambition is another's source of ridicule -- especially when the majority here have done less than create a "mediocre game", but are the first to judge the next person who's trying.
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It's an unrealistic expectation in every regard. I'm doing nothing but pointing out the obvious. They're delusional if they're putting their future on that generic looking game. Why must you always bring up that some developers here do not make games? how is that even relevant to this case? I'm not judging anyone. Just saying it how it is. You seem frustrated for no particular reason. Could it be because you also failed at game development?
we're famous now
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