Bleach Reincarnation

by Petja12
Bleach Reincarnation
A bleach online mmorpg, it is not completely based on bleach online. If you want a good Bleach Mmorpg this is the game for you! Bleach Reincarnation online is still in alpha testing but soon it will be a real MMORPG!
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A while back we had an issue where on occasion, when obtaining your zanpakutou you'd get a blank one, with no boosts or abilities. It was pretty troubling. However, it gave me an idea. What if this were an intentional feature?

Now hear me out, I know most people would go "What are you thinking?!
Blank Zanpakutou's? So we have to remake?" This isn't what I'm suggesting at all.
I suggest they be a sort of "key". The system/feature would work like so.

You're a fledgling shinigami, you just spoken to the teacher and graduated.
In the process of getting your Zanpakutou, you're given a blank that has no special abilities or boosts.

Discouraging, yes? Well this is also your key into special squads within Seireitei. The Onmitsukido, Hakuda(hand to hand combat)specialists. Or alternately, for the rei users the Kido Corps.

Each would have it's own respective benefits suiting their squad. These might be special techniques, boosts or otherwise.
Except that people -choose- to become specialists like those in the anime. Why leave that up to RNG lol.
For the same reason your Zanpakutou or Squad are left up to RNG. To diversify and keep a steady balance all around, rather than everyone and their brother flocking to one thing or another. However, taking your idea into account, perhaps we go another route.

For instance, a 4th category when picking your Zanpakutou, there'd now be Strength, Reiatsu, Hybrid and Specialist. Then whether you get thrown into Onmitsukido or Kido Corps etc gets left up to RNG.
This seems like a nifty idea.