This is what Epoch looks like on my computer. The maptext is pixel perfect.

This is what Epoch looks like Fugsnarf and many others' computers. The maptext is blurry and illegible/unpleasant.

Fugsnarf tried switching over to his intel integrated graphics card to no avail. The maptext remained blurry.

I also tried providing a custom font in the hopes that introducing a new font would fix the blurring. This did not work either; the new font blurred the same way the other fonts did.

It's either a bug or a misunderstanding but it would be really nice if there was a way for me to make my game presentable, lol
Which version is Fugsnarf using, and which are you using?

Also, what is your text size set to in the Windows display info? The default 100%? Some other value? Sometimes that has an impact on the way text is calculated.
We're both using the beta(and this issue has been present for several versions prior)

I'm pretty certain we're both at the default 100%. I know mine is, at least.
Kaio's has the blurring issue, and his text is at 100%
I have a similar blurring issue with Feed's maptext. It happens when scaling the resolution down. Not sure if it's relevant to this issue or not.
I had this issue too. Problem is with scaling. Switch to 16:9 resolution or resize the window to roughly conform to 16:9 standards to fix.
i dont think that would work seeing as my game is meant to fit any resolution and stretching it on my case is pixel perfect regardless
Dunno then. Mine works fine with 16:9 resolutions or sized appropriately, but when I maximize it everything scales up and the text blurs a bit. Also my inventory has a tendency to jump around otherwise.
are we both talking about epoch?

the inventory jumps around if the lore text box is larger than the screen
When my screen is maximum, it treats it kinda like when it was squished down in your thing. Some of the pieces overlap and stuff is blurry. I think it has to do with the window ratio rather than overall size.
weird lol

if you're testing the game out though be sure to shoot me feedback lol i cherish every word
Yeah that. When it's maximized and the aspect ratio is like that, it does weird shit. Spazzes out more and is blurry.