To those of you who own an Xbox360, and have Xbox Live, AND are interested in Phantasy Star Universe, the sequal to Phantasy Star Online I&II, I highly recommend you download the FREE Online Beta this Wednsday! The official link is below.

You will be able to play generally the full online mode, for a little over 7 days. I am definatly downloading this!
Dang man, that sucks. This is going to be a huge event too. Ask your dad to download it for you, so you can sit in your room all weekend playing it, lol.
Oy, Sharp. Later, I'm gonna get Jack to get this. Hopefully we can get him to record footage and stuff.
I haven't been playing the beta long. They've taken it down twice this morning. All I have done, however, is sit in a chair or in my room while asking random questions to Japanese Gamers. The Customization is really nice in this one.