Code Geass: A New World

by Xyphon101
A Code Geass round based RP game in the making.
As the name entails, this is a Code Geass game. I will explain exactly what to do. First of all, when you first log in there will be a "Join game" button. Click that to join the game, obviously. Then, after the game starts, you will be teleported to a random area on the map, and one person will be chosen to have the geass. Aside from the commands 'die', and 'silence', every geass command must be RPed. You can give commands by clicking on the "Geass" verb, while you are facing a player and they are facing you.
As the Geass user, your job is to either A. Kill everyone, or B. Do whatever you want.. However, the ideal thing to do is kill everyone.
As a regular person, your job is to either A. kill the Geass user or B. stay alive.. Again, the ideal choice is the former.
One interesting thing though is there is a 1/10 chance that the Geass user will get Rolo's Geass, where they can freeze everything for everyone in their view for 10 seconds.
Essentially, it is a murder round based RP, each game lasting 24 in-game hours, with the Geass as a twist.

Character bases and The boy with black hair - Pinnacle
Fences - Tockz
Stairs - Lalapuff99
Skyscraper door - Lalapuff99
Road - Tockz
Pavement - Tockz
Grass - Tockz
Trafic lights - Tockz
Floor - Tockz
Interior wall - Tockz
Coding and everything else - Yours truly
Extra Credits:
Tockz for helping with basic iconing and helping with the skyscrapers.