Lego Paintball!

by SadKat Gaming
An Isometric Paintball Game with fully original icons!
Welcome to Lego Paintball: SadKat Gaming's first fully playable game! Created Isometrically, and uses our own special Shading system to make it easier to create isometric blocks!

And its finally downloadable!

V1.4 Features:
Game Set Up: Players can now set up a game with the Start Game button, rather than waiting on the Random chooser to do it.
Interface: Now Resizable!

V1.3 Features:
Ammo System: Bugs fixed, working now.
Help File: Can now be viewed more than once.

V1.2 Features: (V1.1 was only for bug fixes)
Ammo System: Clip size fully customisable.
Minimal Player Check: At least 2 people must join the game before the wait counter ends in order for a game to start.

V1 Features:
One player chosen at random to set up the game.
Names over heads (adapted from polaris8920 "Text names" for Isometricity)
Shadow System
Fully customisable game settings.

V1 Game Types:
Free For All
2/3/4 Team Deathmatch

Features to look forward to:
Map creater (Create Maps and send them to SadKat to be added in, if accepted!)

Game Types to look forward to:
King Of The Hill
Team King Of The Hill