Bleach: Hybrid Devastation

by Mike279109
This game is going through some updates, it will be finished ASAP.

Bleach Picture

Game Moderators<font face="Comic Sans M" color="#000099" size="3"

Vaizard Mike - Megaredx - Owner

John Doe - KingJohnDoe - Owner

Ky Mehelim - SuccesfullTrollisSuccesfull - Master Admin

Live4Chaos - Live4Chaos - Master Admin

Dankitz - ObituaryParty - Master Admin

Beni-iro Hiro - Dawizard - Master Admin

Lauren - XOokamiYukiX - Master Admin

Mizuke- Makram123- Enforcer

OzzCiko-Ozzwizz2- Enforcer


Fixed Bugs

New Vaizard Masks

New and Revamped Icons

All New Turfs

Auto Reboot System

AFK Check System

4 Different Espada Resurrections

Updated Guides

Slowed Leveling


1. Do not spam.

2. Do not constantly CAPS LOCK, it's annoying and is considered spam.

3. No Bleach Names.

4. Don't disrespect the GM's.

5. No spam killing.

6. No AFK Training.

7. GM's have the right to tweak the rules as necessary.

All the GM's are expected to follow the rules just like the players, if you have a problem with a GM report it on the forums in the bugs and abuse board.