Digimon - Operation B

by Baellow3
Breed/Fight/Farm/Train/Trade! Do everything you want!
Hello Folks!

I thought few months ago: "Why arent there any "Good" Digimon Games out there?".

So i started coding and coding and and and..
I know these are Ripped icons but i hope you'll like the game anyway.

More infos are on the way!

Current Team:
-Baellow3 (the whole Team)

**Update Log**
http://www.writeurl.com/text/gltsxzmxn82k45fdxun0/ hf4m73dz0kcxd1f9qe9e

Overall Status Pre pre pre pre Alpha.

(It's based on the games "Digimon World: Dusk" and "Digimon World: Dawn" so all Rights, Pictures, Icons, Names and so on owns to the rightfull owners of Digimon (Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation, Bandai) They own my full respect and i hope there aren't any difficulties for me if i upload and administrate this game.