RP Infinite

by Konlet
Create the unreal and live in another world.
I'm really glad that there are people genuinely interested in creating new and exciting RP environments for players, but there are some things that have me a bit concerned about RPI. Nothing that's certainly not fixable, just some things I felt were strange.

First off, I don't think I'm alone in the assessment that RPI obviously is intended to borrow heavily from it's spiritual predecessor, RP Unlimited. Most, if not all of us played on RPU for a long time, so I can definitely understand why you would want something to feel similar.

The issue I have is that RPI seems far too deliberate in trying to feel as much like RPU as possible without actually being RPU. Don't mix up my words, I'm not saying anything remotely along the lines of, "You're just trying to copy RPU because that's the original and it was da best and ur just trying 2 piggyback and nah nah nahnahnaaaaaah".

Lol, no. I'm saying that RPU is a perfect example of an environment that still has a ton of growing room and by deliberately going out of your way to make RPI just like it actually holds it back in a lot of aspects.

For one, the UI is just abysmal, no one is going to deny that. It's cluttered, unorganized, clunky and just generally sets a haphazard precedence to new players who aren't familiar with all of the "expanded" option that it allows.

Another issue is the rampant redundancy and unnecessary information dump. How many times have you actually looked at the server's run time and been like, "Man, I'm really glad I have that information."? Never. Not one person has ever had a legitimate use for it.

RPI has a chance to be a super streamlined RP environment, but it's being held back by a lot of really bad conventions used with RPU.

I make this forum post because I want to see something better and I'm pretty much content with the idea that I'll never get around to designing one of my own and I think that creating unnecessary "competition" just leads to issues with community divides.

I really want to help you make RPI become something far better than it is and what it's trying to be. I can help if you're interested, but that's up to you. I want to see an RP environment that I'm finally happy to be a part of. Aren't you?
Whats RP unlimited? What's rp infinite O_O??


I'm not working on RP Infinite any longer.
Please do not contact me about it.
There is a small chance that an update will come about to make the game stable.