Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
Yo! Guy here and here's ToJR's Update Log #8 with version 1.0.15 soon 1.0.16 updates!


PvP System have been added but only official through the Accel Dimension for the time being.

Skills System: This system have been added recently on 1.0.15, as players level up or complete some side-quests / achievements, they will learn skills that would help them in their playthrough, like by exemple, to obtain the skill "Over Limit", you need to be level 15 to acquire it. Of course, you can't be equipping them all at once, as it is followed with an AP(Ability Points) system, which increase overtime when your Skill Capacity levels up. Some skills will cost 0 AP like Over Limit, Backstep, Taunt, others will cost some amounts like Add Combo, Aerial Jump, Add Arte Combo, ect.

Archer Class: It was added at the end of version 1.0.14, early version 1.0.15, and it is the only public class to have access to the skill "Backstep" which is acquired at level 3. So far, some players love the class's gameplay since the class has some unique ability with normal attack like their crouch shot by holding Down and pressing Z to shoot flying enemies.

Day & Night + Weather System have been recently added and I must thank Avidanimefan for his useful library, even though i tweaked some stuffs on it with a personalized world game time, so a full day should pass in 4 hours. Expect some side-quests to appear with the use of this system and stronger monsters at night!


World Boss System has been updated, allowing a better access to heal allies in the battlefield, especially more for ressurecting them by clicking them so they would become your target for your next item usage or arte casting.

Stats Improvements: Classes got their stats improved a bit.

Game Over System has been updated, enemies should be staying in place for a little while before players respawn.

Enemies AI has been updated, difficulties should have a better effect on their actions.

Battle System - Rewards has been updated, the EXP Scale has been taken out, so levels shouldn't affect the amount of EXP gained and the Hits System for Bonus Points has updated, the maximum hits in battle will take account from the enemy who took the most hits in a combo, so no more early 80 maximum hits already XD

This should be it for now on this update log. More artes will be added for the classes soon with the start of the game's storyline and quests to add more gameplay in the run.

- Guy Cecil