Gods of Death

by S10Games
Gods of Death
Smooth Movement, Unique Leveling System, Unique Refinement System, Skill Ranks.
Hello Everyone I've added Download link for the game if you want to check it out make sure you click Zip instead of Download because that one doesn't work, you will also need the lastest Beta Build 510.1341.

Things you can do in game right now.

-You can Create Characters(Picking up Race, Hair Type, Gender, Name)

-You can do some Combat by finding some monsters around the map(Simple Melee Attack, Simple Projectiles with Speed adjustments based on what Mode you are in.)

-You can Loot from Monsters Different Gear Tier Types which can give you better Stats.

-You can Refine your Gear by having Item Upgrade and then just Right Click the item you want to Upgrade in inventory and Select Refine.

-You can setup Available Macros.

Stay tunned for more Updates!