Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha -
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Status: Open

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My Idea's for changes / fixes / additions.

In the anime, Saiyan's were known for powering up..It's mentioned many times, and yet in the game they're just..can't power up as well as some of the more energy reliant races. So here's my Idea's to Change them around somewhat.

First off, Elites/Normals. Everyone picks elite / normal these days because frankly, Lowbies are known to be good at much. They can't hit as hard, and they don't gain as much power. Currently all they're know for is their anger. They should all come from the same stat pool with the only variations being very minor.
Racial Benefits:
-Powering up Either just coded in to allow them to power up more and keep the power for longer, or just giving them a higher energy mod
-Zenkai- It's sad to say, but Zenkai isn't as good as it is. It's been nerfed due to people abusing it, but hopefully one day we can get Zenkai back to getting stronger after each defeat to a noticable amount rather than..50 or so bp increase.

-SSJ- Obligatory. But the Contacts system must be re-added so that people can't just join a Clique, they can't just have their friend die so they get benefits and then that friend gets revived down the track or w.e. It isn't fair on people who genuinely RP through the spur of the moment rather than with their friends on skype. The contact's system would help people get SSJ in a way. The more you know the person (or people) The better the anger

-Oozaru- Keep it how it is, I can't see any changes for it.

Mutants have been perfect as they are, i have one complaint which is to increase the req for Bojack Trans.. Bojack was a villain for a Super saiyan 2 Gohan..maybe the req for Bojack should be a little later in the years/bp.

Power armor: The power armor..Is just flatout broken. Power armor was used against Goku during his kid years, So it's enhancements should be ever so minor. Tuffle Power armor should be the best (And more expensive) But ever so slightly above just regular armor. in Multiverse it gave Tuffles the strength to fight the saiyans etc on an Equal level. For techies Power armor shouldn't be the Ultimate goal, Being a Cyborg, or creating an Android/bio android should.

*idea*Spirit Needle: This is just a suggestion i had for the Magic items. You stab it into a person and you steal a portion of their Energy which is coverted to mana (Maybe at a 10x ratio) the Energy that's stolen takes awhile so it comes back and can't be used on the same person multiple times (I mean, just to make it fair on everyone.) this gives people an alternative to gather energy rather than with pylons / Meditating.

*idea* Create Majin: Another suggestion for magic items, You pool all the energy you created to create a "Majin", Depending on how much energy you put into it, makes the majin only "So" strong, and even then, it still takes time before this majin reaches "Maturity" and can hatch out of its storage device. Adding to this- To get a Majin that's as strong as Buu for example would take BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Mana to make, And practically far out of anyone's potential to get. So a Majin that was made with a million Mana would probably be a tiny bit stronger than a 2nd form changeling.

*Idea* Mana Storage: Just a simple device used to either Store mana or Cook the Majin. If the device is broken, any stolen mana is sent back to their original owners immediately. (Probably impossible to code)
Time Freeze / Time Leap: I think Time leap should be added to the game, but it should replace time freeze. After a random amount of Time freezes it levels up giving you a few more seconds of time to work with (Obviously only make it work on players to even level, and not once after another after another.) Time freeze should work similar to how it did with Guldo- You freeze time within an AOE (Toggle) And it slowly drains your energy till you hit 0.
Contacts- Maybe a slight change to Contact's, Make them use-able again and actually have a Significance.
Gravity/Gravity machine- Re-adding this would be fun, Making some planets fairly dangerous to go to if untrained for it.
Resistance- With the Recent buffs to Force and the fact people pour their stats into Force, it makes a Melee hero at a massive Disadvantage (Since a Melee hero has to use equipment, Train, etc While a Force user just has to med all day) So i suggest making Res work overall as ResxDur. This gives a Melee character a chance to actually fight rather than not at all.
Punching bags/Logs/Simulators- Each of them should have their own job. Each should give you different benefits so it keeps people using different things, using Logs to gain Off/def /Dur is good while using Pbags to gain Str/off/energy.