Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Status: Open

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Basically, suggesting that server be put in an open Race War status.

-First, there would be a TP reward every 3 hours based on who's "Leading" in the race wars. Example, Arrancars/Hollows have 30 points, while the other races have anywhere from 0~29; all online Arrancars/Hollows get 1 TP for being in the lead once the server checks the score and awards the TP.

-To earn points, you either destroy a crystal at the Race's spawn, or kill members of said Race within 50 levels of the player making the kill. 10 points for a crystal, 1 point per player kill. Crystals should only be destroyable once per 3 hours, to prevent crystal farming -- or at the very least, once per 1.5 hours.

Hopefully, this encourages wipes to stay active, last longer, and encourages people to replace shit-tier people with ranks ASAP.
u still play this game o-o btw its me Kaneki