Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
Beta Testers for 5.0 will be announced tomorrow.
If you still want to have a chance to get in, here's the link : http://talesofjudgemen.clan.su/forum/14-36-1

Beta Server for 5.0 will be around October 24th

- Leon Magnus
a lot of arguments going on, this is why he invented PvP arena on the game, so do us a favor., Cut the non-sense out

-Kevin Woodrow
Now that just retarded,
Attacking pixels doesn't solve anything at all, more so when it based on numbers a 3rd party can control at will
Silent Night
This game deserves much more players >_> But YOU KNOWWW Games with naruto characters pasted onto the title wins it all
Seems like it, though the game just came back online after a long update, with more issues fixed. Version 5.0 is almost a complete revamp of the game system before V.4.2 , so it still taking a while till a new dungeon (including a new town) with new classes and job advances appears.
In response to Soma Schicksal
Mehh I hope the player base increases >_>
First stage battle is buggy. I logged, deleted my account/started over 5 times. I got the same problem. I'm trapped in the air when I'm told to press C/jump.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkzng8k72x39pjl/ tales%20jump%20bug.png

-Silent Night ^_^
Currently fixing it, it should work in the next update x3
In response to Kevin208
Kevin208 wrote:
This game deserves much more players >_> But YOU KNOWWW Games with naruto characters pasted onto the title wins it all

You are so right. o.o
Well doesn't that it rarely up, and the few times it was up 24/7 "new" people didn't stay because there was nobody on it.
i would love for this too be hosted more becuase i think its an great game. and i would love for this too be 24/7 if possible. but im not here too demand something you won.t do or can.t for some reason.
Why do games that could be really enjoying have to be grind fests? Its not fun when a game expects you to grind right at the start just so you don't get steamrolled by monsters in the first dungeon.
Theres is an teacher system planed so that stronger players can go Down in lvls too help weaker players train and get them thought some Places. i don.t know when it will be done but its planed, but i do agree that grinding form lvl 5 to 9 just to barely survive the first dungeon can be really boring. but remember this game is not done yet so it could be changed, and if you could steamroll everything you meet in every dungeon and every boss without even trying would it not just feel boring to but thats just my opinion.
In response to the one complaining about barely surviving the first dungeon..

In most tales games you have a 4 man party by the first dungeon. So trying to solo something meant for 4 is supposed to be hard :P
aw dang if only i cuda gotten loaded in before ya took it down this new update ya did is gonna take an hour to load =c it was going at .1 mb a min for me and i got to 11.3mb out of 47.0 nb before it said connection failed =c
Sorry, my connection where I am went unstable unexpectedly x.x lol
Odd. I see the server as being online, and there is one person in it, but I can't connect (Connection Failed). Anyone else getting that?
I think it's a unclosed server port, cause the game wasn't online yet, thus resulting this lol
when are you bringing the game back
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