Problem description:

I know my syntax isn't the best, but bear with me.

Not so much a problem I'm having with a particular string of code, I'm just wondering if this variable still functions as it originally was intended.

Before it would change the client's perspective, where it would appear on their screen that they were moving north, however changing client.dir to something such as "east" or "west", you'd still be facing north on your screen, however your action direction would not be that.

Basically it would appear as if you were playing a 3rd-person game with the camera oriented behind the character.

One thing I've noticed is in the current version of BYOND, when multiple clients are connected to a server, it does not display like this. It uses the default map orientation.

Any idea if this functionality should be working for multiplayer or if this was disabled?


When running the DMB in Dream Seeker, it works just fine. Connecting to a host (either from Dream Seeker or Dream Daemon), this doesn't work.
This is a consequence of optimizations. Lummox said he basically wasn't going to be supporting it anymore.
Hrm, it really ought to be working in the situation you described. Basically I'm just not handling this for the purposes of the big-icon code, but it still ought to work overall.

But on the whole, I've never liked client.dir as a general-purpose feature. It exists mainly because it made some board game implementations, like chess, a lot easier since you can see the board from your own perspective. For RPGs or action games I think it's really unsuitable.

I have a verb in my test project that changes client.dir, but I'm not seeing any problems with it when I host in DD and join in DS. If you're seeing a problem, I suggest trying to distill it down to a test case and posting a bug report.