by PaperClip Productions
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
V3.1 of Quarantine is now available for download and play! Here's a list of the changes in this version:

- Interface ammo indicator to hud bar
- Overall interface design changed
- Output is now optional and is now a seperate window
- Some windows have also been changed to panes
- Added support to arrows for character movement, WSAD keys can still be used
- Map 'Police Dept (Small)' expanded

- Able to drop/equip items not in inventory

- Clip count hud display
- Movable barricades(Also buy in Shop)
- Round 5 Zombies begin throwing objects(Broken bottles, glass, etc.)
- Host option for Last Stand Mode
- Weapon '9mm'
- Weapon 'FN FAMAS'
- Weapon 'M4A1'
- Map 'Factory (Medium)'
- Sectional maps
- Death animations for zombies

- Unnecessary output texts

I'm kind of on the fence about the Game Information window, I tried an on-screen chat and I couldn't get it to look right; so I settled for a separate window. Comments and criticism are welcome!

The newest map addition entitled "Factory" includes a new behind-the-scenes system called sectional maps. After players collect needed parts to activate the generator; they can press a switch that opens up to a new area of the map.

Feel free to post your suggestions and any bugs you find!
impressive as always and i have a suggestion

i like the sectional maps you added to factory and i think you should make more maps like herse my examples below

Castle-the castle is map of a castle and once you collect needed parts you would be able to activate a secret door which takes you to the basement which includes secret weapons

i have more ideas but thats just one feel free to pm on byond if you liked my idea or want to hear more of my suggestions
Great suggestion! I always like hearing outside opinions on how to improve the game. Gradually I plan on increasing the use of sectional maps, factory was just a step along the way.
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yes btw i would love to play the game but theirs no server on unless its a single player game
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You are welcome to host a game yourself for others to join. Hopefully I can gain enough interest to feel the need to buy dedicated servers myself.
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ok thanks