Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
Dive into the world of Bleach!
Definetly the best Bleach game on byond.
In response to Trenito
Trenito wrote:
Definetly the best Bleach game on byond.

its an opinion.. but remember shitty ppl with power ruin games =/
Its a rip I'm telling ya.
best bleach game i've ever played, however kuro and some of the admins get annoying
Good game,very helpfull staff. All its really lacking is some guides to new players becouse I think this in-build game guide is lakcing some major information and I think it isnt updated.
Also whos hoster again? plz refer me
All this game really needs is forum with mroe detailed guides then ones in game and maybe rules writin somewhere on whats allowed and wahts not allowed ( eg. Rei Pressure in Urahara)
Haha, got banned by host, after he spam killed me and asked if I was having fun. Then binded me in spawn and spam killed me more... Then decided to boot me out of games 2 times then ban me, all I did was use my Bankai to train it, and since his character moved he raged. lmfao what a joke.
hey i wanna be a admin i got told to post it on fourms the name i use is pdub and i play alot i also know alot of secrets and will be a fair admin.
I'm wait for pwipe to play. ^_^
did anna just ban me lol me and techno lmao LMAO LMAO this is funny
Help I just got banned after 30 seconds of playing.. I don't know what I did. I named my character Kuroyami then I started in soul soceity and attacked an npc and got killed. Then I was at urahara and got banned... Why?
Kuroyami is the name that the owner has been using for ages; Admin impersonation is a rule and gets you banned regardless of any case you might make that you didn't know/etc.
when the game is gonna be back?
Does anyone else have hair pulling problems with trying to make characters? I can't make a character cause the hair style thing is being lame, either won't show up, won't load the hairs, or won't "submit" the hair style.
Best and most creative bleach game on byond.
I can't even create a character....Stuck on the hair part -.-
Someone decided to kill the Soul King I see, the World has Ended!
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