Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
Dive into the world of Bleach!
This game was once the best updated manga based bleach game out there. Great memories throughout the years, but the recent drastic update is horrible the fact that log training was removed is repulsive & yet another big nerf to training makes it worst. This game will die eventually and it will honestly be the owners fault. Lack of owner to player discussions about changing a game that didnít need it is ridiculous and itís honestly sad. Bleach Hollow Trash is a name worth fitting of this now & itís not worth playing anymore
It's very hard to listen to, and trust your players, when even your GM's, people who you considered friends for a long time (I'm talking 5+ years here) have proven to be untrustworthy toxic selfish narcissistic trash who will turn their backs on you at any moment and attempt to overthrow and supersede you as the owner and long time developer, regardless of it "not being serious it's just a prank bro" childish nonsense. If this game dies for good, it will not be the owners fault, but the individuals who forcibly pushed the owner into these decisions and Byond for constantly breeding those people for years now. I have no doubt that DragonWingRayne would be fully willing to sit and discuss ideas and the direction of the game with calm and level minded people, as I've had decently length conversations with him about these things(some of which WERE added into the game, or fixed in terms of bugs), but that's not the case with a majority of the games sad player base, who usually throw plenty of shade over their wrongdoings and their personal agenda in order to seem "Honest" and don't actually want to help the game, but help themselves within' the game. That is Byond in a nutshell, and the only people I will ever feel sorry for are the developers and game owners who have to put up with the acoustics who manage to find their way here.
Lol what are you talking about no one forced him to ruin the game ??? The player base is crazy but there are decent players crazy or not player & owner relations is horrible itís always been that way. The owner always updates what he desires does he listen sometimes yes but he never truly cared about our opinions. Raven trying to upsurp him is his issue not ours he needs to learn how to hire better staff. As I said he ruined the game and it will die
I think getting rid of the logs will be a good thing if we can ever get the game balanced without them. So in my opinion its a failed attempt in the right direction.
Will game return?
the game was fine before he started to nerf training lvling not being able to pick your zan/ress with a sp and decided to mess hollows up but besides that host the game again
It appears this one does not believe in god or the power of honesty. Shameful to see another soul lost... She could have spent it relaxing with Jesus drinking pina coladas at the beach, slowly floating away on a floatie...
So... is BHF coming back or what? Bring brack logs if you want to. People will play, they always have. Throw us a god damn bone Seath. Let it be friend.
Seath, is the game coming back? Do you need a host? I can host if thats whats delaying bringing the game back.
Seath are you just done working on this? Is it never coming back?
We're back boys :)
Ah snap, I hope this game comes back up soon. Yeye
who got them host files
When a community becomes this toxic there really is no turning back is there?
ermmmmm this game needs to come back the people need to fear me again (Kaneki) if you know you know :)
In response to Jamaicaz89
Its up smh
In response to Catamount33
In response to Catamount33
No itís not
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