Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
Dive into the world of Bleach!
GMs, old players and ex-owners. Keep disrespecting other countries and this game will end up no players, just you and your stupid arrogance.
In response to Xuithroa
Since when do you predict the future?
Welcome to the internet you sensitive children, also it's a rule not to speak in other languages other than English in OOC chat. So if you don't wanna get bitched at, don't talk in your BR Portugese shit in OOC Chat, simple right? Hell people were nice enough to get you your own personal guilds and shit so you have a fucking BR chat of your own.

Anyways this game is the shit. Best Bleach Game out there. Constantly updated, interesting and active wipes, lots of content to experience and secrets to discover giving you more reason to stick around for multiple wipes. IGN 10/10
Can someone reboot the server? It's lagging a lot.
Whats going on, why is the server been down for so long? I miss it so...
Uhm, I am guessing someone killed the soul king. Does that mean Kuro is just never going to bring the game up?
GG idk what happened exactly, but now the lag in the game is so high that is unplayable. The ping with the server is around 1 minute to say the least.
when the game will be back up? I was off for 13 days without internet, can someone tell me if the game will wipe or something. Thanks!
why is this down? :(
lol my post was removed without unbanning me.
I was banned for spamming hollowcars like 5 of them , really you C-ID(the hardest to avoid ban) ban for this really.
Ok you banned me but unban me now i wana play the game i wana increase you player base but still they dont wana unban me really.
If someone thinks that i should be unbanned then pls tell seath that i wont repeat this again.
I spammed hollowcars in the name of " Test NPC"
Lol also i have written the same post on DragonWingRayne(seath)'s pager. and i think hes ignoring me.
Hey seath if you are having any problem finding my key to unban then try shiz123 or shizamz_231 and i have a dynamic ip so its changes everytime i connect internet.
My mac adress is 40-61-86-F4-C9-1A
Thank You if you unban me
(if you need any other detail then pls page(byond) me).
And pls if you are not unbanning me then state a reason.(on my pager)
why is the game down
Yea, why is it down? It was on earlier around like 4 AM where I live before I went to bed.
it went down like 2hours ago now
Just a thought but maybe you could encourage players to donate by giving donators temporary boosts?
In response to RedStorm99
But then it would be a purchase, not a donation.
Okay then make stuff that we can buy. I will gladly buy stuff for this game.
Most active BHF community I've seen in a while, too bad we're dominated by lag 12 hours of the day with 0 GMs
it might be so active because bleach ended
World-Wide Save Corruption for the 2nd wipe in a row. First wipe without GMs so the server lagged the entire wipe. Mod Souls removing Royal Guard? Major bugs? When do we get a fix, or are we even to get one?
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