Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Are we wiping next week?
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can you come on the game for like a minute or 2 and bank my TPs? >.>
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Oh ok. I was just wondering since barely anyone is playing.
Alright, I feel the need to input my two cents here.
I didn't leave because of the remake timer although I do feel it's borderline silly and I'd very much like to see it be taken out. If it's not then who cares. I left because every time I would make a character one day I'd come back to: "oh yeah like 7 people got corrupted lol." It used to be that I'd shrug and pass it off as "well that's just the way of bhf" but it's at the point where I can't even have fun anymore because I make a character then the next day all of my competition is gone and I lose the will to train. I love the game but it's gonna end up dying if we don't get save corruptions under control. When I first started playing, this wasn't even an issue. If you were wiped it was either because you were stupid or you broke a rule. Now when I log in I don't expect my character to be there 90% of the time. Also we need to redefine what a "secret" is. The help is so outdated and obscure I don't even feel the need to help new players because I'm pelted with statements like "oh that's a secret." We all know what causes the save bugs so why not remove the problem? When 15 hougs can be made at one time there's an issue. Fix it and we'll get our base back.

Your friendly neighborhood Permafrost

It seems Kuro already fixed the save bug. So the only thing left is to make the game more noob friendly. As I've already stated I'm not a fan of the remake timer but I don't really care about seeing it go. But at the very least update the help, the early game of BHF borders on sadism if there's no one to help you.
The one that gets me giggling the most is "The directions to the Shinigami academy once you're in SS are secret!"

A bit of newb friendliness could go a long way, for sure.
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I'm not a fan of the remake timer, took me 6 days to get the family I needed, and by that time whats the point.
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Speedydeath wrote:
I'm not a fan of the remake timer, took me 6 days to get the family I needed, and by that time whats the point.

The problem is that people claim they NEED families.

It is entirely possible to make a build work functionally without them.

Most families are just an early starting advantage with a few exceptions, and most of those exceptions (aside from quincy families) are customs.

That said, Remake timer is still ridiculous anyways.

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Eh if your going for Ichigo Trukai, Its not a Claim. You do need certain fams
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Except that's not true...
Not sure why people think you need a certain clan to get Ichigo Truekai.

That is definitely not clanlocked, from personal experience.
Whenever the Soul King is killed, does that usually prolong the time for the game to be back up again or no?
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So any news on when the game will be back up?
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We Miss it soo D:
Any idea when BHF is coming back again?
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I'm hesitant to announce the specific date yet but in about 2 weeks.
Bleach Machine BROKE.
BHF will return Friday, March 10th 2pm EST.
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It's good too finally hear a finalized date for when BHF is coming back.
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