Shaman King : The Shaman Tournament.

by Yam
It has been five hundred years since the last Tournament...Are you ready?

Shaman King: The Shaman Tournament.

Welcome, to one of the first ever Shaman King RPG created. This game will be updated frequently with Quests, New Characters, Items, Spells, Weapons, and Guardians etc. Although their are Mini-Quests and Tasks to be completed within the game, every month a Shaman Tournament will be held for all players to participate in with an amazing Prize for the Winner.


Well then, I better get this out of the way before we carry on. Most Icons are provided by RPG XP, I have not created / or own any of those Turfs (Though I did take the time cutting and pasting them all into Byond...God damn XD) Icons and Turfs that come from any where else that we havenít created but also donít know the origin of, that credit goes to you. If your work is used here, please let us know and we'll be happy to put your name up. Thank you ^_^, O Yeah! Big thank you to Volkov (Volkov911) for helping me with the coding.


> All these Rules must be obeyed at all times, any one caught or found breaking the Rules, I'll punish you how I see fit.
Rule 1.
Do Not Bug Abuse Of Any Sort!
Rule 2.
NO Shaman King name's, those chosen by me may be allowed them along with the Icon, but any one else with a Shaman King Name or one that seems like it, I'll change it to something else.
Rule 3.
Respect All Player's And Shaman Priests (GM's) At All Times.
Rule 4.
Do Not Cuss! Any One Caught Repeatedly Cursing Will Be Ejected From the Game.
Rule 5.
No Spamming! Any One Caught Doing So Will Be Banned.
Rule 6.
No Complaining, It's A Game, I.E Built For Fun, If You Donít Like It, Know One Is Forcing You To Play It, If You Have Something Bad To Say, Contact Me On My E-mail Address. (Found At The Bottom.)
Rule 7.
Now What Was That Last Rule....O Yeah! Have Fun People ^_^.


Alright, Right Now This Game Is In EXTREMELY New Phase, In Other Words It's Currently Being Built, If Your Reading This Your Going To Be Playing A Version That Doesnít Offer Hardly Anything, It's Just being Tested. Thank You.

Email: [email protected] Aim: Embodied Bullet