Stargate Adventures

by TheGoldenAgeGamingCorporation
Stargate Adventures
Stargate Adventures is a RPG packed full of fun people and Action.
Welcome To Stargate Adventures
You heard right! We're back and better then before!
Stargate Adventures is looking for new Faction Leaders and Staff Members if you think you have what it takes! Contact StargateUnlimited!

Current Race Leaders we are looking for:
Tau'ri: SGC
Free Jaffa
System Lord Ba'al

Our Team is working around the clock to bring you new updates content and more! here are some of the small things you can except soon!

New Planets to explore (among our already Extensive ever growing Universe)
Reworking of our current ship system polishing out
Adding a Working Medal System
Adding New In game Galaxy Events
and Much Much more to come!
Need to fix mining, I am frequently losing materials cause the grid disappears before I can grab the materials mined.

I would love to help build this game if that's possible. Let me know if there is anything I can do.
yeah, were working on it, the game gettin an overhaul done, Recntly i just been told we don't know when it';; be done n ready so yeah finding that issue and many more (if Any) is greatly apprecited to find out and get it for for everyone!