Dragonball Z Online Adventures

by TheGoldenAgeGamingCorporation
Dragonball Z Online Adventures
DBZOA - Play one of the original Byond DBZ MMORPG games again!


Dragonball Z Online Adventures has been in production for several years, under numerous titles with large amounts of modification and renovation. Replay the classic yet remastered DBOMM Byond game again.

Dragonball Z Online Adventures News
5/30/16: TGAGC has come back to Byond and have Relaunched DBZOA more updates and fixes and overhauls to come soon!

Player Rules
1.No spamming
2.Proper player etiquette at all times
3.No excessive vulgar or racism
4.NO Multi-Keying
5.No asking for ENF/GF positions.
6.Just respect others

GM Disclaimer
GMs and ENFs will use their permissions to better the game in case conflict arises and moderation is needed. GMs will not edit players under ANY circumstances unless permission to do so is granted. If in game and you are in need of assistance please contact a GM or ENF at once using the World Chat function. The GMs/ENFs will use moderation at their discretion.

DBZOA Developer Team

Owners: Stargateunlimited

We are Still looking For Helpers we Need The Following
Enforcers/Gm (Previous Experience needed and a high Maturity Level)
Glad to see this game back, after such a long time. Nick, idk if you remember me, but I went by 'Phobia' and helped Sanctum work on icons a long time ago (specifically SSJ2 hair Icons for every hairstyle). I was also in some of the screenshots for DBZOA with you on the old HUB page before it was taken down.

I logged on today and played for a while. I'll be checking back daily to see if you're online, would love to hear from you again.


P.S. If you don't see me in the server, send me a private message here on BYOND and I'll get back to you ASAP
Can we get this game back up on byond please guys? Absolutely loved this game! Miss it so much
Hey I need this game back. This game was my #1 game on byond. Not Space Station, Not Dragon Universe, Not Eternia Roleplay,Sigronoa Legends 2. I played this game all day instead of doing my homework. Bring it back. If you won't bring it back, there's no point in byond anymore.(xD)
Hey guys, until Nick decides to host this game, or allow players to download the host files, or contacts me about hosting this game, I found a host file of an older version of this game. Back when it was called DBO: Henkan Sai by Kanak. The HUB page was taken down when all the DBZ games were purged from byond but the direct link to my server is:


Just copy that into your browser or byond application to connect. I'll try to host it a lot for the next week or two and see if I can get any players to join and have fun reliving the old days.
Any chance the server will be back up or the host files at least to play?
I had henkan sai favorited but ig the purge removed it from everything?
I need the host files
https://www.mediafire.com/file/856csa476azzu94/ dragonballonlinethehenkansai.zip/file

If anyone wants to host. its the old version. Fill free to message me if someone host.
If anyone's still interested in this age old game, I'm willing to host it. I can host everyday just not 24 hours everyday.
In response to SUPERSONIC125
Im interested in it. Would you be willing to let me get the host files?