Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

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Often I am running up my server many times during debugging to check and solve bugs and issues that crop up. This makes the World Log get very clogged with previous entries. Sometimes it can be hard to confirm whether these are a current or old start (at least quickly)


To work around this I close > reopen Dream Daemon to clear the log. But this is time consuming and not ideal.

Proposed solution:

A right-click context option of "Clear" that clears the window would solve this.
You could always include an option in-game to clear world.log.
I think he's referring to the output window in DD itself. A clear option there seems reasonable.
Ah, derp, missed that, my bad.
Yep Lummox, that's what I meant. Perhaps could have made that clearer. Would def make my debugging easier!
Log pruning would be wondrous.
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